Have you made New Year’s resolutions? I’m not a fan of waiting until the first of the year to try to make important life changes, but sometimes that’s the catalyst we need. Earlier this week, we started our membership back up at the gym. Headphones are one of those things that can make a workout more enjoyable which is why we included OV Alexa Connected headphones from ONVocal in this year’s home and electronics gift guide. And listen to this: That’s also why we’re giving away a pair to one lucky reader as our Day 58 Mega Giveaway prize!!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 58 – ON Vocal Headphones

72 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 58 – ONVocal Headphones

  1. just got myself a workout bike and these would be great to listen to my music and the grandkids could be watching TV

  2. These are very innovative and oh so cool! I would use these when I’m going around the house doing chores and during workouts! Love them!

  3. Whenever I cut the grass I like to listen to music and these would be perfect to use with my iPod and also to use with my phone as bluetooth.

  4. Holy smokes…. Working out of course… With my new year resolution of getting some gains, this would be a perfect gift

  5. Id use for research and videos that come up to watch. There are always family members lurking with TV on or music here. I have a hard time hearing then. Am trying hard to get healthy and a lot of info our there!

  6. I’d love these for when I go walking around my neighborhood. Also great for when I’m cooking up a storm in our kitchen and hubby is sleeping because he works a night shift.

  7. My main use for the alexa connected headphones would be to help my sons as they are both going through their growing stages!

  8. They seem so very useful that I could probably use them everywhere. They’re very stylish looking I’d love to have a pair

  9. I have lupus and it affects my chest muscles. Sometimes my echo cannot hear me enough to call my husband in other parts of the house. This would really help me, when I need him to come for med time or if I am having trouble getting out of bed.

  10. My favorite use for OV Alexa Connected headphones would be watching movies. I would probably use the most for phone calls. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  11. I would use these while exercising & also while doing some cleaning around the house! Everything’s better with some music! Thanks!

  12. My favorite use for OV Alexa Connected headphones would be using them on my phone always for calls, music and books on tape.

  13. I would use them to watch videos or u tube in my home. always to much noise in here for me to do anything in here..

  14. My favorite use would be to use to listen to music while out walking! Helps invigorate me to keep going. I would use these in the house to try to get up activity level up as well!

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