It’s time for a confession. As an aunt and a parent, I’ll be the first to admit that some of the gifts I buy for the kids (or for Scott) are ones that I would want. Whether it’s a board game or some kind of gadget, there’s always the possibility that when the recipient is ready to play with it, I’ll get to join the fun. The prize for Day 35 of our 150+ Days of Giveaways surely is one of those types of gifts. Will you be gifting someone a race drone from Air Hogs this holiday season? It’s okay… you don’t have to feel guilty when you enter to win one for yourself.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 35 – Air Hogs Race Drone

75 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 35 – Air Hogs Drone

  1. I totally bought my kiddos Dynasty Toys laser tag for Christmas this year because I want to play with it. My brother has a set and it is the best laser tag you can get for at home play. Their stuff is amazing. We are going to have SO MUCH FUN Christmas day!

  2. We’ve bought so many Lego sets so my hubby could help put them together! And video games, for sure. Even though they’re for ‘the kids’, we end up playing! In fact, that’s why we got the Wii for them all those years back…

  3. my mother and I bought (together) N-scale train set we both played with, building models for the layout of our home town

  4. I have bought LEGOs, building blocks, Lincoln Logs so I could build things with them.
    I’ve also bought painting sets, markers, crayons, play doh, clay, art supplies like these to be creative with my family.

  5. I bought my nephew and niece ninja LEGOS that were maybe a little too complicated for them so I could help them put them together 😀

  6. A race track. My husband and I would sit and race them cars on the track after the kids went to bed…LOL… we are so bad….LOL

  7. I wanted my kids to have any nerf toy really but the best is the ball shooter…cant hurt much and is so fun!

  8. I bought a set of Nerf guns for my two year old. He has no Idea what they are for other than he thinks its great fun of fetching the pieces.

  9. It’s hard to say who plays with our Legos and PlayDough more, though they dig them out while I am at work at times.

  10. Our first family tablet was kinda a gift for me and my kids (I was getting tired of sharing my laptop all the time for educational games. After buying the first tablet we bought another 3 months later (I have two kids LOL)

  11. I just bought the crossfire game for my “kids”, because I remember as a kid playing it and having so much fun.

  12. I have always been in love with nerf guns. So I went and bought one for my nephew and lo and behold I was in fact the second person to use it!

  13. most of the board games that were popular in the past! In this computer tech era they don’t get to experience the era of board games!

  14. Teddy Ruxbin. I never had one as a kid and I really had to pass this along this year. I think I played with it more though lol.

  15. I have bought several Transformers for my children because I still love to play with these with the children.

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