Mega Giveaway Day 6 – Odin’s Ravens Game

Mega Giveaway Day 6 – Odin’s Ravens Game

The ravens are swooping into our Mega Giveaway promotion and we’re okay with that. These are special ravens that know all about games. We originally featured our Day 6 prize, Odin’s Ravens, last year when we discovered the wealth of educational and entertaining products that Osprey Games and Osprey Publishing have in their lineup.

Odin’s Ravens will appear in a gift guide with gift ideas for 2 people so keep an eye out for it! Until then, enter to win a copy of the game and come back daily for more entries!

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 6 – Odin’s Ravens Game

Nicole Brady

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62 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 6 – Odin’s Ravens Game»

  1. Donald Wayman says:


  2. Brandi Paschal says:

    My oldest son is 12 and likes playing games and most the time it’s just me and him playing. So this would be great!

  3. Heather Bridson says:

    I play 2 player games with my husband

  4. Mike Gist says:

    The Boy’s and I could totally get into this!

  5. Mary Love says:

    My Sweetie!

  6. patrick jones says:

    usually with a friend of mine who likes games!

  7. Ryan McLean says:

    Mostly with my wife…sometimes with other friends and family 🙂

  8. JM says:

    I play 2-player games with my son. We love board games and have a lot of fun.

  9. Kristin Troska says:

    with my husband

  10. I play two player games with my husband.

  11. Dave Blizzard says:

    Mostly with a friend in Saskatchewan using Vassal and Skype.

  12. Sparks says:

    I play 2-player with my wife some evenings. My kids are still a bit too young for much in 2-player games besides Guess Who, though that gets played a decent amount as well.

  13. Andrew W. says:

    I play 2-player games with my wife.

  14. Alisha Goins says:

    I play with either my husband or one of my four children

  15. Marissa says:

    I play 2 player games with a few of my friends, as well as my nephew

  16. Julie G says:

    I play 2 player games with either of my children or my husband!

  17. Darlene Owen says:

    I play 2 player games with my granddaughter.

  18. Sarah says:

    My husband is my main gaming partner.

  19. D. May says:

    2 player games are my favorite! I usually game with my 7yo but sometimes my husband.

  20. Katrina Weiss says:

    My mom!

  21. Trey LaCaze says:

    My wife

  22. Matthew S. says:

    My wife, who, happily, shares my taste in games.

  23. Kimberly B. says:

    I play 2-player games with my son.

  24. Duarte says:

    My girlfriend!

  25. Michael Shea says:

    It varies but always a friend.

  26. Eric Shearer says:

    The wife

  27. Deanna S says:

    My husband, Joe, is my gaming partner in crime 🙂

  28. Scotty B says:

    My Wife

  29. Danielle Smith says:

    My Husband

  30. Charles Smith says:

    I play most 2-player games with my wife, and several with our teenage children.

  31. Ritchie says:

    I play a 2-player game whoever is available to play a game with!

  32. Dolores Q. says:

    I play 2 player games with my son.

  33. Jenna M Niel says:

    I enjoy gaming with my niece

  34. Laurie says:

    Who ever is willing tonplay

  35. CATHERINE LE says:

    with my wife friends and family

  36. Rammy M says:

    with spare players in my Meetup group (you’re invited too)

  37. Kim Davis says:

    My daughter

  38. jan says:

    A two person game would be usually with my daughter.

  39. Susan,TN says:

    I usually play with either of my boys and sometimes my husband..

  40. Karen Rosenick says:

    I play usually with my husband and kids.

  41. I play 2 player games with my kids, my wife, and a couple of friends.

  42. Katrina P says:

    My husband and I like to play board games together.

  43. Caroline Lennek says:

    I play individua,l mano-a-mano, 2 player “Words With Friends” games with family members.

  44. Deanna McCoy says:

    My one true love, my husband

  45. Mary Somerville says:

    With Hubby, or my Grandkids.

  46. Pat F says:

    my husband and son love to play 2 player games… sometimes my son and I play!

  47. Gun says:

    Anyone who will lend me some time

  48. Rick M says:

    My awesome wife!

  49. Eric E. says:

    I play two-player games with my best friend!

  50. Joanna Sisk says:

    My Hubby!!!

  51. Nicole H says:

    Mostly with my husband, but sometimes with my daughter.


    My best friend or anyone that’s available.

  53. Brian R says:

    Usually one of my kids, but sometime my wife!

  54. Liz M says:

    My oldest son or my husband. 😀

  55. Hesper Fry says:

    I play 2 player games with my son.

  56. kathy pease says:

    I like to play 2 player games with my hubby

  57. M Moore says:

    I’d play this game with my husband or son.

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