As a parent, I have gone through phases of feeling guilty for lavishing my daughters in gifts during the holidays. We’ve never really gone overboard, but we definitely do feel like reasoning should come into play when shopping. I’ve always gotten around that parental angst by purchasing some gifts that are solely for play in addition to ones that double as play and purpose. Our Day 20 prize, which you can find on our gift guide dedicated to educational gift ideas, is Q-BA-Maze 2.0 from MindWare Toys is a perfect example of the types of gifts that provide some type of lesson.

As with our other prizes in the 150+ Days of Giveaways, you can increase your chances of winning by returning daily for more entry options. Be sure to check out the many other giveaways of items found in our various holiday gift guides.

150+ Days of Giveaways – Day 20 – Q-BA-Maze

47 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 20 – Q-BA-Maze

  1. My favorite thing about building kits is not only are they fun (for children of all ages) they encourage creativity and promote learning….I guess that makes three favorite things tied for first place on my list.

  2. The best part is to see a “light bulb” go off in your head as you become totally enthralled in the project.

  3. Kids can use their own imagination to build something their own way. They learn what works and what doesn’t.

  4. I dont know how to explain it, theres something so reminiscent of these marble mazes. I more love playing with these myself and just let the kids drop the marble. Something mesmerizing about it all. Takes me to my childhood.

  5. I like them because they are a toy that doesn’t get boring, every time they are played with it’s different.

  6. I like that a toy like this can be done with my grandchildren together. He loves building things and loves his gramma to do it with him.

  7. The quality time we spend together. No matter how hard, boring, or fun something is to do, I can never get enough of that quality time. Time is something we never have enough of.

  8. My favorite thing about building kits is that there are, literally, thousands of different ways you can assemble the same set. The fun is never ending!

  9. Oh Wow! How cool is this!!! My favorite thing about building games like this is the benefits bthat come with it mentally. I think this would be such a perfect game for my son with Autism to play to really get his mind thinking while also working on his hand/eye coordination!

  10. They allow great creativity, free play, and can often be incorporated with other toys for more fun. There are no rules to play and everyone enjoys them, at least until they get too old.

  11. I love how challenging and fun they are. My grandchildren would have so much fun with this and so would I.

  12. I like that there is the option for a child be make up his own course….learn what works and what doesn’t work on their own…..and be proud of their accomplishments.

  13. I think the best thing about building kits is that it gives a child ideas to tap into their very own creativity.

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