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It may be a month later, but we still get PWNs by Awry Games to the table quite often. There aren’t many head-to-head games for four players, and with four in our family, no one feels left out (that is, until we knock them out)! If you missed the original overview, that’s okay. Go here…we’ll wait.

Thanks to the generosity of Awry Games, we are now able to award a brand new copy of PWNs to a loyal reader of SahmReviews! Entry is easy using the form below, and don’t forget to come back each day for more entry opportunities! Before you know it, you’ll be PWN’ing them on your own!
PWNs Game Giveaway

21 thoughts on “Win a Copy of PWNs from Awry Games!

  1. I think that a sprinkling of winner take all effects in games is good but leads to a bit of competitiveness in the wrong crowds.

  2. I don’t prefer winner take all games as there is can feel like you accomplished nothing if you aren’t first. The exception for me is when the game itself is really fun.

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