Mega Giveaway Day 71 – Lift It Deluxe Game

The party will be filled with laughter if you’re playing Lift It Deluxe from USAopoly. It’s our Day 71 prize and one of our readers will win a copy for their collection! We featured it along with several other great games for larger groups in our gift guide for party games.

Chat with USAopoly on social media and let them know what types of games you like playing at parties. You can find them on Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to return tomorrow for additional entries to increase your chances of winning. Thanks to USAopoly and our other sponsors for making the Mega Giveaway possible!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day # – Lift It Deluxe

31 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 71 – Lift It Deluxe Game

  1. I will pack games in the car if our grandson is going somewhere with me. He has a car time bag packed at all times to help keep him busy on car trips.

  2. i do pack games. I have a hard time bringing only 1-2. Its usually 5 even though we wont have time to play more than 2.

  3. I always keep games in my car.
    Most of my travels are to gaming conventions I definitely bring games with me.

  4. When traveling to see family, yes, I pack games. When traveling for vacation, no, I do not, as we typically do not really have time for games. Once the kids get older and are more able to play small games then it will be more likely for for couple evenings we may stay.

  5. If we are going on a week’s vacation I always pack games. Usually not for a weekend though. And I love renting a condo or house and there be games there! They usually have something different than we bring. Thanks!

  6. I always have my phone. But if we’re going camping or to a hotel, I will sometimes bring an Uno deck or a board game.

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