Mega Giveaway Day 63 – Let Them Eat Cake Game

Mega Giveaway Day 63 – Let Them Eat Cake Game

If there was ever an instance where I wanted to substitute game pieces with real world items, our Day 63 prize is it! The goal of Let Them Eat Cake by Osprey Publishing is to be the first to acquire 40 cakes. I’m all for that! Are you? There’s a lot more to the game than cake. It involves tyranny and overthrowing the Queen. Alliance and Betrayal all come into play and one lucky reader will get to add this to their collection!

We appreciate that Osprey Publishing has offered Let Them Eat Cake for our Mega Giveaway. Enter today, come back tomorrow and each day until it closes to submit additional entries and increase your chances of winning. Drop them a note on Facebook or Twitter and tell them your love cake too and are entering to win!

100+ Days of Giveaways – Day 63 – Let Them Eat Cake


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40 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 63 – Let Them Eat Cake Game»

  1. June S. says:

    My favorite cake flavor is chocolate, love my cake.

  2. brody says:

    peanut butter cake!

  3. Eric Sanders says:

    Chocolate Cake, Anything Chocolate

  4. Dominique Cloutier says:

    Just plain chocolate is my favorite type of cake. But I also love a super white cake on a rare occasion

  5. Mitch says:

    Devil’s food cake

  6. Hard question, but if I had to choose one, probably red velvet cake with a cream cheese frosting.

  7. Kim Davis says:

    German Chocolate

  8. Regina Elliott says:

    My favorite is carrot cake with vanilla bean frosting with cream cheese filling

  9. Clint Hoofer says:

    Strawberry Cake

  10. Janet Keener says:

    I love the citrus flavors – lemon, orange or even lime cake. Yummers! I have pineapple and strawberry mixes at home, maybe I’ll just whip one up this weekend.

  11. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    My favorite is chocolate ganache cake.

  12. bea miller says:

    my fave type of cake is yellow with choc frosting

  13. Ryan Baker says:

    Cheesecake! With blueberries.

  14. Sarah Reed says:

    Chocolate! 😀

  15. rachael debates says:

    chocolate! unless cheesecake counts!

  16. Andrew W. says:

    I love almond cake with raspberry or strawberry filling between the layers.

  17. Michael Shea says:

    Rum Cake – the more rum the better.

  18. Sasha says:

    Ohhh I love cake, hehe. My favorite is just chocolate with white vanilla Buttercream frosting!

  19. Becca says:

    Chocolate is my favorite flavor. I sometimes won’t even eat cake if it isn’t chocolate.

  20. Ruth says:


  21. ivocado says:

    Key lime pie!

  22. jennifer bowen says:

    I well like all kinds of cake so really don’t have one I like the most

  23. David Carapinha says:

    I love anykind of lemon or lime cake!

  24. Darlene Owen says:

    My favorite flavor of cake is chocolate.

  25. Josh Willhite says:

    Carrot cake

  26. Kristin Troska says:


  27. Lance says:

    Chocolate cake with caramel icing.

  28. Brian R says:

    Chocolate cake!

  29. Sara says:

    My favorite type of cake is cheesecake!

  30. Scott Anthony says:

    Lemon cake with chocolate frosting.

  31. PBinCT says:

    Tarte tatin. It’s like an upside-down apple cake. Soo good!

  32. william gossage says:

    My favorite cake is german chcolate

  33. Joanna Sisk says:

    My home made double chocolate cherry torte. My husbands is german chocolate.

  34. MaryLynn Hayes says:

    Pineapple Upsidedown Cake

  35. Kelly VanAuken says:


  36. Gabrielly says:


  37. Vikki Billings says:

    My favorite type of cake is Cheese cake and my favorite flavor is chocolate chip cheese cake!!

  38. carl says:


  39. Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing

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