Mega Giveaway Day 36 – Bugs in the Kitchen

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There’s something seriously wrong about encouraging people to have bugs in their kitchen, but that’s what Day 36 of our holiday giveaway is all about! Today’s prize is Bugs in the Kitchen, a 2-person maze game that utilizes Hexbugs!

Originally shared during last year’s ChiTAG coverage, we thought it would make a great addition to this year’s list of games for the family. Don’t forget that you can return daily for additional entries in all our holiday giveaways!

Today’s creepy crawlies are compliments of Ravensburger!

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Bugs in the Kitchen

28 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 36 – Bugs in the Kitchen

  1. I’m out of the loop s to gameplaying but I have nieces & nephews that would show me and probably love to play =)

  2. We haven’t played with HexBugs yet but I am pretty sure they would enjoy it. My wife is not a fan of bugs but the little ones and I have captured several bugs and kept them as pets as long as we could keep them alive. I also call them over or out into the yard while I am mowing and working and happen across a new creature.

  3. We love Hexbugs and have bought them for some years and…our cats love them too! They even make Hexbugs cat toys now! I think we would love this game!

  4. Hexbugs are so rad and I introduced my granddaughter to Hexbugs this past year! We all love to play with them & this game looks fun!

  5. We e never played Bugs in the Kitchen. I love that name! My husband and I played BUGS ALL OVER THE HOUSE in our first home down South! There were 3 inch long, one and a half inch wide!! FLYING cockroach-looking bugs called Palmeto Bugs that would patrol the porch light. Once I was so afraid to enter past them that I got back in my car and waited and hour or more for my husband to arrive. And cried. Boy, did I cry!

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