Mega Giveaway Day 34 – Lugz Tallulah Ladies Boots

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Most of the prizes in our holiday giveaway have related to items originally found in one of our gift guides. The Day 34 prize is special in that we created a post specifically to feature it! Check out what we thought of the Lugz Tallulah Ladies Boots then enter to win a pair in your choice of colors!

Thanks to Lugz for stepping up with a prize for today’s giveaway.

Gift Guide MEGA Giveaway – Lugz Ladies Tallulah Boots

67 thoughts on “Mega Giveaway Day 34 – Lugz Tallulah Ladies Boots

  1. Officially, I’d have to let my wife choose the color, but I can make an educated guess that she’ll go with “Red/Brown” if I/we win.

  2. I would love these boots. They look so warm. We are having a winter storm tonight and tomorrow. These would be nice right now to keep my feet warm. I would like the pink ones.

  3. I do like all three colors the Tallulah boots come in, but my favorite is the “Golden Wheat/ Cream/ Black” combination. Thanks!

  4. I would choose black boots since I tend to get that color and it matches anything and doesnt get dirty as easy.

  5. I love the Tallulahs is all colors burst brown and black are my favorites ! Definitely need a nice sturdy , yet stylish boots and love these

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