Mega Giveaway Day 21 – Rum & Bones Game

Mega Giveaway Day 21 – Rum & Bones Game

As promised, we’re continuing to bring you some awesome giveaways! For those new to board games, today’s giveaway includes a hit thanks to Cool Mini or Not. If Rum & Bones is on your wish list along with others from our must-have hobby games then be sure to order it in time for the holidays. In the meantime, enter our Day 21 of our holiday giveaway then come back daily for more entries.

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Nicole Brady

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70 comments on «Mega Giveaway Day 21 – Rum & Bones Game»

  1. Sandra U. says:

    Arrrrr matey, I love the pirate talk!

  2. Chris S says:

    I love CMON games!

  3. Maggie B says:

    Yarrr! We always talk like a pirate during Pirate games!

  4. Seth Hale says:

    Thank you so much!

  5. Maggie Saavedra says:

    We always talk like pirates during out games!

  6. Eric Shearer says:

    Now that I have a parrot, I need more pirate games! As a side note, wow does he poop a lot.

    1. MaryJo Tsitouris says:


  7. Celia Miller says:

    I hope I win

  8. Brad R says:

    I have heard great things about Cool Mini or Not but have not had the chance to play their games in person. Throw in the pirate theme and this would be a hit with the family. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  9. Stephen says:

    Arg! Of course I do! Else the other pirates send ya off the plank. To me a good pirate game has plenty of theme and getting into it just enhances it.

  10. aaaargggh, that I do Matey! I speak in the tongue of the Pirate when I be playing Pirate games – and well, most days actually. arrrrgh! Thanks for the contest!

  11. Fabio Martino says:

    I almost KS’d this!

  12. Eden H says:

    Nice contest!! Thanks!

  13. Nathan Ballard says:

    This game looks awesome and I would love to play it.

  14. Brandon says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Jeremy S says:

    Thanks for the giveaway

  16. Justin Hollender says:

    Awesome, hope I win!

  17. Michael Boone says:

    I will talk like a pirate every single second if I had this game!

  18. william fraser says:


  19. Ze Liu says:

    Hope I win!

  20. PerryGF says:

    Good luck!

  21. MamaGames says:

    Yes, we do “talk the talk” and we also usually have set-the-scene music playing for our pirate games!

  22. Some time when we play pirate games we talk the talk

  23. James says:

    We’re more reserved pirates around here so no, we usually don’t. We mask our presence and blend in with really fake British accents instead.

  24. Dave Racette says:

    CMON Games are so fun!

  25. Perrin says:

    Thanks for the contest, this looks cool. Crossing fingers!

  26. william fraser says:


  27. Molli Vandehey says:

    funny you ask this, i almost ALWAYS do talk like a pirate and my kids think its lame and make me stop

  28. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    I’ve never played a pirate themed game, but my kids would love if we talked the talk!

  29. Shasta Brewer says:

    Aye me hardies I learnt the lingo on Mango, course we talk pi rat.

  30. Edward Guida says:

    Been hearing good things about this game, hope I win.

  31. Chris says:

    Thanks for contest matey…rather be able to plunder the treasure and make off with it at night but will abide by the rules this one time.

  32. sherri chastain says:

    this looks like a fun game thanks so much for the chance

  33. Jesse Showalter says:

    This game looks amazing, hope to be able to play it.

  34. william fraser says:

    LIKE IT!!!

  35. Not normally, but if it’ll help win this game, Yarrrr, I be talkin’ like a pirate for ye!

  36. T Gyorgy says:

    I never talk any other way

  37. Éva Jakab says:

    Nope, I don’t like that

  38. Mike S. says:

    I talk pirate talk most of the time, so I guess that would include when I’m playing games, pirate or otherwise.

  39. Jenna Wood says:

    I’m so excited to see and enter all of your giveaways. Thanks for the chance to win Rum and Bones!

  40. Nora Bara says:

    I don’t know but I don’t think I would yarr hours long 🙂

  41. Comoran says:

    I’d probably get bored of pirating but I’d probably give it a try 🙂

  42. Péter Felföldi says:

    I’d probably try at least once 🙂

  43. BY says:

    Looks interesting!

  44. HAgi says:

    Yarp, I would 🙂

  45. Andi says:

    I might try some pirating 🙂

  46. SzIlona says:

    If I’d play with children, maybe

  47. Rohit says:

    I regret not having kicked this game

  48. Betty Butler says:

    Fingers crossed, this is a great way to get the family all together

  49. Elizabeth Tarlow says:

    Ahoy there Matey! Aye Aye Aye like to talk like a Pirate 🙂 I’m shovin’ off now 😉 Thank you!!

  50. Robert says:

    If you play a pirate-themed game and you DON’T talk like a pirate, you’re doing it wrong.

  51. Think I’ll try some pirating. Aye aye Matey.

  52. Retr0 says:

    Nope, I wouldn’t, but then I won’t stop others if they would like to

  53. Deb Cutler says:

    Pirates are my daughter’s favorite theme

  54. Zita says:

    Yarr, I would talk like that!

  55. Coleson says:

    Did you hear about the new pirate movie? It’s rated AARRR!

  56. Geri Hari says:

    Speaking that way would be totally cool

  57. Carrie Edmunds says:

    I haven’t played the game ever, but I might talk like a pirate, depends on my mood.

  58. Carrie Edmunds says:

    Depending on my mood, I might talk like that.

  59. Ryan Tharp says:

    I’m usually too serious when playing games

  60. keep putting the entries in

  61. Eric Austin Lee says:

    Definitely talk the talk, matey!

  62. Aye, my grand kids like the pirate talk.

  63. Gabrielly Margutti says:

    Aye Aye Aye like to talk like a Pirate

  64. Julie Lundstrom says:

    Of coarse we have to talk the Pirate talk when playing a pirate game. Right Matey.

  65. Lesley F says:

    Lol…I don’t but all the guys in my house do 🙂

  66. MaryJo Tsitouris says:

    We don’t have a pirate game in our collection yet, but I’m willing to be some members of my household would “talk the talk” if we played one!

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