Personalize your single-serve cup of coffee with iCoffee Opus. -


Quite often we have friends over to play board games.  As each sits down, I politely ask if anyone wants coffee. Not because I feel the need to be hospitable. I’m not all Miss Manners like that and our friends certainly don’t expect table-side service. They walk in, add snacks to our fridge and make themselves at home. They usually even bring their own beverages. My intentions when asking them if they would like coffee are purely selfish. I’m always looking for an excuse to make and share a pot of coffee.

You’re probably asking yourself why it’s a big deal to brew up a pot. Scott never developed a need or taste for coffee so I’m the only one in the house that drinks it. (I suspect that will change in a few years when we have high schoolers.) In the meantime, lack of willpower plus a great tasting beverage equals me drinking an entire pot by myself when I make one. That’s a recipe for disaster. Yes, I own a Keurig for making single servings and I really like it. But I’m cheap and not a fan of how expensive it is to purchase the specialty K-cups. My interest in being frugal often outweighs my need for coffee. Instead, I go without.. or wait for friends to come over.

Almost two years ago I told you about a new innovation in the way coffee is brewed. Remington released their iCoffee maker that basically swirled all the grounds to give the coffee a smooth, rich flavor. As you may recall, the “i” in iCoffee stands for innovation. Despite the fact that I seldom make a pot of coffee, I have proudly given it a permanent place on my cabinet because the output of this coffee maker is positively delicious. You can understand why I would always beg my friends and family to have coffee with me.

Personalize your single-serve cup of coffee with iCoffee Opus. -

A few weeks ago, I realized I didn’t need to wait for company to enjoy an innovative cup of coffee. Remington introduced a new single-serve coffee maker, the iCoffee Opus. Utilizing the same technology as the original, this unit is designed for those of us who often drink alone.

No need to pay for pre-made cups. Create your own! - SahmReviews.comThe iCoffee Opus utilizes a reusable filter. -  Dial-in just the right amount of water for your single serving of coffee with iCoffee Opus. -

Like the Keurig, it utilizes smaller quantities of grounds on a made-to-order basis. It incorporates an even better feature though – a reusable iCup! No more wasting money on pre-measured cups. Now, I’m able to purchase my favorite coffee brands, flavors and styles and make it the way I like it. I can purchase grounds and add them right to the iCup or I can purchase beans and grind them on my own! Tea? Yes! As a bonus, the iCoffee Opus has a “Dial-a-Brew” feature to accommodate the size of mug you want. My only issue is that my favorite mug is short and squatty and doesn’t fit inside the dispensing crevice.

There are a variety of iCoffee brewers to fit your needs. Learn about them on the website, see what iCoffee has to say on Twitter or Facebook or watch videos of the innovation in action!

Do you prefer to make coffee by the cup or by the pot? If you’re looking for a new single-serve coffee maker, the iCoffee Opus may brew your interest. If this has perked up your taste buds, you can purchase an iCoffee on Amazon or enter to win one right her on SahmReviews!
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82 thoughts on “Skip the Pot. Make a Cup with iCoffee Opus

  1. It depends if I am drinking it iced or hot. Both have to have some form of non sugar sweetener. If it is iced I drink it black–if hot I drink it light with either half and half or almond milk.

  2. i really want this, even if i don’t win the contest, i will get one…if i do win, i will get a second one for the office

  3. I like using monkfruit sweetener in my coffee. I got some from Kroger a while back and I’m hooked. I have my wife keep a little squirty bottle of the stuff in her purse for when we go out to breakfast together.

  4. The perfect cup of coffee needs a bit of warmed creamer. Nothing more. My hubby and teen have to kill it with nondairy creamer and milk with sugar…yuck~

  5. A nice house blend or darker coffee along with 1/2 and 1/2 or pumpkin spice creamer make for a perfect cup of coffee for me.

  6. I think the perfect cup of definitely starts with a really good brew, usually dark roast. I usually just add a little hazelnut creamer, nothing else.

  7. I’ve discovered cold brew coffee recently- it is great in the summertime, but now that fall is round the corner, I am ready for my “regular” recipe of coffee with a wee bit of sugar and a splash of milk.

  8. The one thing that makes my coffee perfect, is a pinch of salt in the coffee grounds! This takes away any bitterness that may take place!

  9. I put pureed pumpkin in my coffee – with coconut milk and some cinnamon.
    I mix it in a blender and out pops a great pumpkin latte-like coffee 😀

  10. For me, the perfect cup of coffee is hot, with cream and sweetener, and preferably hazelnut or vanilla flavored. Mmmmmmm….

  11. First it has to be a dark roast and a fine (even expresso-fine) grind. Then my Honey/Hubby likes his black while for me (and carry over from my French Cafe Au Lait days ~ I still like a lot of milk in my coffee ~ these days I’m using SILK unsweetened Almond OR Cashew Milk.

  12. We’ve got a Keurig, but have definitely gone the route of a reusable pod with fresh grounds. More environmentally friendly than those awful disposable plastic pods — and tastes better.

  13. I don’t use sugar, because I am a Diabetic. I don’t use cream or milk, because I like my coffee hot in the morning. My husband and I got use to drinking Coffee-Mate in our coffees now.

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