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As the title implies, I’ve been walking around this morning doing housework in high heels. Don’t judge. June Cleaver did it and nobody judged her. Well, maybe they did, but they didn’t have Facebook back then so it was mostly just whispers behind her back. People that know me are probably laughing more at the vision of me doing housework than the fact that I’m wearing high heels while doing it. And I reiterate… don’t judge.

So I’m sure you’re questioning why someone who is totally sane and generally prone to wearing boots and sandals would voluntarily walk around the house doing laundry, dusting, vacuuming and dishes in shorts, a sweatshirt and high heels. That’s a really good question. I have a very simple answer. (Besides the fact that the house needed to be cleaned.) I considered wearing them earlier this week while visiting Domino’s Headquarters. Then I realized I didn’t know how much walking or standing I would be doing nor how these new shoes would feel on my feet. I wanted to make sure they were comfortable before I opted to wear them for a conference or media event and thought a practical place to test them would be at home. So I slipped them onto my bare feet and proceeded to get some cleaning done.

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Comfortable Pumps

Are they comfortable? Seeing as I STILL have them on for no apparent reason as I type this is probably a testament to how my feet felt after a bid of non-traditional testing. Normally with heels I’m kicking them off at the first chance. Under the table, under my desk, in the closet, anywhere possible. I just want them off my feet. I fully expected the same thing with this pair. But I’m not even sure why I questioned it because these Janine pointy-toe pumps are the same brand as one of my other favorite pair of sandals. They’re Comfort Plus by Predictions available at Payless. They’re also pretty comfortable for my wallet and that takes a load off my feet!

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Shoe Hardware

In addition to their greatest feature of comfort, Comfort Plus Janine pumps are professional with classic, streamlined style. For something with a little more character, Payless offers a variety of shoes featuring the latest trend in footwear, hardware. I love the wine-colored Christian Siriano Dena Smoking Loafers which have a simple design gussied up with a thick chain across the front. From flats to heels, embellishments on the front include chains, buckles and metal ornaments.

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Regular readers know I have a bit of a weakness for boots. It’s the one piece of footwear that I can always justify needing. Translation: I haven’t met a pair I didn’t love! Today is no different. Appease your need for something less flashy with one of the many boot options at Payless. Tall boots, lace-up boots, slouch boots and even sweater boots are all among the options available with prices starting at under $20! Me? I would like one of each.

If you couldn’t find something interesting at Payless then you must not have be looking very hard!

Do you go for classy, flashy or comfortable?

28 thoughts on “High Heels and Housework

  1. If I could find a comfortable pair of dress shoes… I would do housework in them also. I have sissy feet and lots of shoes hurt them. I guess I need to check these out!!

  2. Guess I better head off to Payless–of course I won’t be buying heels since I no longer need to wear them anywhere!!! Sandals are mt weakness and I would wear them all winter long if I could–but the snow and my bare feet don’t get along–so boots are what I need to buy and soon!

  3. Yes! I used to have to work in heels and swear by comfort plus! When you’re walking as much as I did, you run through any type of heel pretty quickly, so the fact that these were inexpensive and relatively comfortable was a godsend!

  4. HIgh heels may make my calves look good, but I’ve always seen them as torture stilts. I’m all about comfort and only do the stilts when I absolutely have to…I’m tall enough. 🙂

  5. I like to shop for a variety of shoes; comfy for every day and flashy for date nights. I love shopping at Payless too. They have a large variety to choose from and great prices.

  6. I used to work in heels and they didn’t bother me too much. Now that I wear mostly sneakers, heels bother my feet when I put them on for church or a dressy get together!

  7. I have comfort plus high heels and I do housework in them all the time. I lpve them and they don’t hurt my feet. I wear them most of the day and they don’t hurt. Get a pair if you want heels that don’t hurt.

  8. I love doing housework in my heels, and my husband appreciates it too. I do everything in high heels though and I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t. (Lol it’s kind of what I’m known for.) Thank you so much for this post, us SAHMs in heels need to stick together!

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