The Time Airport Security Yelled at Me

The Time Airport Security Yelled at Me


There I was… Standing in line at airport security at LAX on my return trip from the Disney Pixar Inside Out trip. My upcoming layover was tight in Denver. Not just a little tight. A lot. Enough for me to think I might miss my flight home which happened to be the last flight into our airport for the night. So tight that I gave up my aisle seat at the back of the plane for a middle seat closer to the front, reducing the amount of time it would take to deplane. Yes, it was destined to be interesting.

Thankfully I had it all figured out. I threw my running shoes into my technology bag and planned to put those on while waiting to board my flight out of Los Angeles. The shoes on my feet were toast. If you’ve been following along over the last few weeks, you probably noticed the multiple activities related to that trip. We were going non-stop for two days. I arrived in LA on Sunday afternoon and the flight for which I was getting ready to board was less than 48 hours later. I was on my feet so much that I literally burned through the insoles of that pair of sandals. Unlike me (because I’m a bit of a packrat), I had decided they weren’t coming home with me. It wasn’t until I got into line at security that it occurred to me that my separation from those shoes could come so soon.

Please remove your shoes before entering airport security. -

Remove your shoes and place them in the bin. That’s what they tell you. So I reached into my tech bag, grabbed my shoes and socks and proceeded to place them into the bin. I slipped my sandals off, turned around and tossed them into the receptacle typically reserved for bottled beverages and other things people didn’t realize couldn’t go through security. The next thing I knew, the security agent was yelling at me.

“Ma’am! You just threw your shoes in the garbage!” I think I caught him by surprise. If I had been quicker on my feet, I could have said “You said put them in the bin.” But I wasn’t. I simply smiled and pointed at my running shoes and said, “I’m fine. I have a tight layover. I have my running shoes ready.” I wasn’t worried. It would be an excuse to go shoe shopping.

Payless ShoeSource - Stylish sandals at an affordable price. #PaylessInsider #SoleStyle

A few days after returning home, I headed to Payless ShoeSource to take advantage of their Buy One Get One Half Off sale and use a gift card they had sent me for being a Payless Insider. Of course, no trip to a shoe store is complete without my daughters!

Payless ShoeSource - Adorable heels for girls #PaylessInsider #SoleStyle

While the girls were trying on shoes of their own, I was checking out the variety of options for me. I wanted something comfortable yet fashionable. Something casual enough to wear with shorts but dressy enough to combine with Capri pants and a dress shirt for professional events. There were so many options that were stylish! Some even had matching accessories.

Payless ShoeSource - Matching Accessories #PaylessInsider #SoleStyle

Ultimately, I narrowed it down to a (quite a) few. Scott encouraged me to just get them all. The prices were so affordable and it isn’t like my feet are growing.

I decided to splurge and get a pair of natural colored Comfort Plus Peggy sandals that I didn’t need along with a pair of black casual heels. That’s so unlike me. I typically wear flats and sneakers and reserve heels for dressing up. But this pair of DexFlex Comfort Tanya sandals was so nice, I just couldn’t talk myself out of them. Trust me, I tried. I didn’t think I would wear them except for when I attend some kind of event. Boy was I wrong. I’ve worn them several times including chauffeuring the kids, running to the store and another trip to the mall.

Payless ShoeSource - Airwalk Sneakers #PaylessInsider #SoleStyle  Payless ShoeSource Boat Shoes for girls #PaylessInsider #SoleStyle -

Despite getting two pair for myself, we still had money on the gift card for the girls to each get a pair! Miss M found a cute pair of sneakers and Miss K decided on white boat shoes. With the sales and discounts, we ended up paying less than $52 for 4 pair of shoes!

While I don’t condone randomly ditching shoes while in line at airport security, I do recommend checking out the prices and selection at Payless. You may find something you fall in love with… I’m betting it’s the price.


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21 comments on «The Time Airport Security Yelled at Me»

  1. Alouise says:

    From the title I thought maybe security had yelled at you because you did something wrong…too bad you had to lose your shoes to the garbage, but a shopping trip makes up for it.

  2. Sandy KS says:

    I love going to Payless shoe store. It si one store that always carries ‘wides’. Unless other stores I can go in choose what I want and leave. Not look around, order and wait for them to come in or not. Wait on a call from a salesperson to see if they came in or they no longer carry wides.

  3. What cute selections! I love the sandals the best, definitely Florida wear all year long!

  4. Alana says:

    I haven’t been to Payless for many years. I had been less than impressed with them years ago. Now I am going to give them a good look the next time I need to shop for shoes.

  5. Donna says:

    I have to run to Payless…I need a shoe fix

  6. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Oh man what a story! He must have been like..what in the world!! LOL! I am sure they see all sorts of stuff!

  7. Cole says:

    I desperately need to buy summer shoes for myself! Payless often has a great selection of shoes, but I haven’t been there in forever! Those shoes with the polkadots look really cute. I wonder if they have them in adult sizes? Ha ha!

  8. Pink one is my favorite that is in your daughter’s hand! I Love going to Payless store!

  9. Brandy says:

    I have not flown enough for airport security to get mad at me, but the two times I did fly in 2011? I was so scared i was going to get in trouble. LOL These are great shoes for Summer, how adorable!

  10. What amazing deals! I love the $12 sandals, I cannot believe how inexpensive their shoes are!

  11. What an interesting story! Glad you found some shoes that you loved at Payless.

  12. Debi says:

    that’s hysterical I have never had a problem at the airport with the shoes away but I do love the prices at Payless that’s where I get all the shoes for the kids

  13. My kids could use some new shoes! They grow out of them so fast!

  14. I so have done things like that when I travel, however not been yelled at by airport security. Those are some cute shoes, I need some new summer sandals.

  15. Your title cracked me up! But yes, that is a GREAT price for 4 pairs of shoes!!

  16. I love to match my shoes with my clothes everyday. I need more shoes to keep up.

  17. Marie says:

    Some random man yelled at me while waiting for the bus with some friends when I was younger. It was so upsetting. We were minding our own business.

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