Went Looking for Games, Found a Book

Went Looking for Games, Found a Book


Mom and Dad told me a lot about their experiences at Gen Con this year, and I’m hoping I’ll get to go with them next time. There are costumes and jewelry to check out, souvenir t-shirts galore and booths full of comic books. And of course LOTS of games. There was even a special section dedicated to authors and graphic illustrators! I’ve been reading a lot lately and it is mostly things like The Hobbit and The Hunger Games. They brought me a pair of books by J.L. Clark, a new author they met at Fairytale Games‘ booth. She had been hired by them to write some of the story line for their new battle game, but had a couple of her books for sale at the show also.

A series written specifically for pre-teen girls, The Avalon Relics shows them that life isn't a fairy tale and inspires the reader to achieve more in life. - SahmReviews.com

The main thing I look for in books is action. I have always read books with action, but nothing can compare to Lilith Links from her “The Avalon Relics” series.. Lilith Links is a book where the main character, Sophia, turns 18 and gets a pair of bracelets from her mother. At her party, everything turns upside-down and she ends up in a world she didn’t know existed with her best friend, Angie. It turns out that Sophia possess a pair of magic links. Will she save her world and the Faeid World? Read the book to find out!

A series written specifically for pre-teen girls, The Avalon Relics shows them that life isn't a fairy tale and inspires the reader to achieve more in life. - SahmReviews.com

I really liked this book and found it really interesting. I loved the way each of the different characters were described, and their differences. Lilith Links has done an outstanding job with each of the characters.

A series written specifically for pre-teen girls, The Avalon Relics shows them that life isn't a fairy tale and inspires the reader to achieve more in life. - SahmReviews.com

I am starting to read to second book in the series, Lilian Crown, and I love the second book! Lots more adventure, action, romance, everything that anyone would love! I love these kind of books because they always make me believe that I can achieve more in life, succeed with a little more effort, do the best I can, and live my life to the fullest it could possibly be.

The adventure has been amazing with Sophia, and I hope that she comes to a happy ending! I think if you know of a girl that is about my age (12), she will also fall in love with Sophia and her story. The first book in the series is only $12 on Amazon and the second is a little more at $18 (but also twice as thick!). If you want to read them on a Kindle or iPad with the Kindle app, they’re only $3 and $5!

J.L. Clark also has her own website and I hope I get to meet her next year at Gen Con. She was nice enough to autograph my books for me and hopefully she will have another one in the series done by next summer! You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter!


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  1. Brandy M says:

    I have never heard of these books, but they look interesting. I wonder if my friends that are into this kind of subject would love these books too, I will have to tell them about these books.

  2. These sound like great books. I love that you’re so interested in reading. That’s going to serve you well later!

  3. Books with action have always been my favorites, too. When I was a girl, I couldn’t stand trying to read a super slow book.

  4. Michele says:

    That was a marvelous review you did of those books. Actually I think I might know someone who would enjoy them (someone I work with-her grand daughter!) and I will be telling her about them.

  5. Kristina says:

    This series looks great. I love to find books that spark my attention right from chapter 1! Enjoy!

  6. Maureen says:

    I know these are not for adults necessarily, but these are books that I would read myself! Thanks for the info.

  7. These sound like great books! I know my niece would love them- thanks for sharing!

  8. Valerie says:

    I must learn to make more time for myself to do things like reading, which I love. My nieces would likely enjoy these titles, she’s a fan of the Hunger Games books.

  9. Anne says:

    These sound like a great series. I like books with strong heroines and lots of action.

  10. Dogvills says:

    I am so sure my kids will love these books. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Grammy says:

    Such a great book review. I think you may have inherited the “writer gene” from your Mom. Your description makes me want to read the series too!!

  12. eliz frank says:

    Your daughter did an awesome job on writing this review! I love when parents not only encourage their kids to read but, also hold them accountable to share what they learned. Kudos! 🙂

  13. My son would love these books because they have so much action. That is his favorite genre to read.

  14. Lorraine says:

    Now that sounds like my sort of book!!! Will have to see if I can pick up a copy somewhere as I love adventure novels.

  15. Wow awesome review!! You should talk more about books like this because for some reason I never head over to that side of the book store to look!!! I commend those who love to check out books just because they love it!!

  16. diane says:

    My kids are both about your age and enjoy a good action story as well. I will have to keep my eyes out for these!

  17. I haven’t heard about this series, but my daughter is about the same age and we are always looking for new books to read. I will have to show her this series.

  18. Thanks for sharing your take on the books. Sounds really interesting. Also , I hope you get your chance to attend Gen Con next year!

  19. That’s a really great price, I think we need to up the ante on our oldests books. She’s missing out on a lot of adventures! Fall reading, check!! Thanks!

  20. This sounds like a series I would have really enjoyed when I was your age. It’s neat that the author writes storylines for games as well as novels! Great review!

  21. Nuno Santos says:

    The books look interesting and nice to have the autographs!

  22. Sounds like you’ve found a great series! I love reading a series of books because then the adventure never seems to stop 🙂 Good for you for writing so young – I look forward to reading more of your thoughts!

  23. Marcie W. says:

    I have an 11 year old daughter and this series sounds right up her alley. I will be adding this to our library list and appreciate the recommendation!

  24. Sunny M says:

    Great review! I bet I would enjoy these myself (and I’m 28!).

  25. My niece is always looking for new books, especially a new series. She is also a huge fan of fantasy, I will certainly let her know the title of these books.

  26. Jeanette says:

    You family strikes me as avid readers. This is a great review for this book! I think if you likes this book I might try it out with my kiddo!

  27. Stacie says:

    These look like great books. I am always looking for new authors to promote to my kids.

  28. Krista says:

    My daughter would love this book. She is into fantasy!

  29. My kids are a little too young for books like this right now. But my niece would love them! Sharing with her!

  30. Sounds like an awesome series. I’ll definitely have to let my girls know about it. Thanks for sharing!

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