Jump Inside. Jump Outside. Just Jump!

Jump Inside. Jump Outside. Just Jump!

Have you ever watched Shark Tank, spotted an interesting product and thought to yourself, “I would totally use that.” Yeah, me too. I’m always amazed by the bright minds that walk into “The Tank” with such inventive ideas! Beyond that, I appreciate the stories about why the product was created in the first place. Some are practical, some are creative, some are crazy and some are just really cool.

A short while back, we were catching up on DVR’d episodes of Shark Tank and spotted the Jungle Jumparoo. I remember thinking it looked like something my girls would love. Unlike a trampoline, there are poles built in for support when launching into the air. I loaded the video on their website and my girls could not stop saying “I want that!” “New birthday idea!” and “That looks like so much fun.”

Enter to win a Jungle Jumparoo! - SahmReviews.com

With summer just around the corner, (please tell me it IS just around the corner because I can’t handle any more cold weather), it definitely would make some kids happy to have it in their own back yard. I was thrilled to hear my friend Jennifer at My Boys and Their Toys blog had a chance to learn more about this jumping toy that is designed for indoor and outdoor fun.

Even better, I’m excited to tell you that we are teaming up with My Boys and Their Toys, Kelly’s Thoughts on Things, Tots Family and Penniless Teacher to give one away!

The giveaway is open to US residents, ages 18 years and up, and will run from 3/30-4/30. Enter for your chance to win below!

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This new toy brings a whole new way to bounce! The Jungle Jumparoo is an indoor and outdoor jumping toy for kids of all ages. Available in two sizes, regular and mini, the Jungle Jumparoo offers hours of unforgettable fun! Not only will kids love jumping on it, but parents will appreciate the hidden health benefits that come along with the Jumparoo. In fact, just 10 minutes of jumping on the Jumparoo is equivalent to 33 minutes of running!

For a full review, including video of the Jungle Jumparoo in action, head to My Boys and Their Toys blog.


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30 comments on «Jump Inside. Jump Outside. Just Jump!»

  1. Melissa Shirley says:

    Jumping on the Jumparoo can help get rid if harmful toxins in the body.

  2. Mike S. says:

    Using the Jungle Jumparoo will strengthen your heart!

  3. Hargow Wong says:

    Jumping on it is Low Impact Exercise.

  4. Jennifer Heintz says:

    Jumping strengthens the heart muscle, and uses all muscles of the body.

  5. Marissa C. says:

    jumping uses every muscle!

  6. daniella says:


  7. Angela Simmons says:

    Jumping helps strengthen bones and improve bone density

  8. Jennifer Heintz says:

    All your muscles and muscle layers will grow stronger.

  9. The period is missing for https://instagram.com/totsnetwork/ so if people don’t notice, the site won’t get followers.

  10. jumping is a low intensity exercise and it strengthens our bones.

  11. Jennifer Heintz says:

    The jumparoo helps kids develop better body control and overall balance.

  12. Alana says:

    I can use anything that improves strength and balance. Not just for children!

  13. This looks like so much fun for the kids! Great share and review 🙂

  14. Jennifer Heintz says:

    I learned that 10 minutes of jumping provides same cardiovascular benefits as 33 mintues of running.

  15. Dawn Monroe says:

    I read that it helps strengthen the heart and that a child’s ability to learn depends on their control of movement.

  16. Amy says:

    Awesome product, and it looks like it would be marvelously fun, too! Great cardio execise!

  17. Jennifer Heintz says:

    I discovered that bouncing on a Jungle JumpaRoo stimulates your lymphatic system.

  18. Nicole Acuna says:

    A stronger heart 🙂

  19. Jennifer Heintz says:

    The jumparoo increases circulation allowing children to improve balance.

  20. kurt kidder says:

    stimulates your lymphatic system, helping rid your body of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other cell waste

  21. april p says:

    it strengthens your heart

  22. Rose Reeder says:

    10 minutes of bouncing on a Jungle JumpaRoo® provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running?
    The Journal of Applied Physiology reported that jumping is the most effective form of exercise yet devised by man, plus it’s FUN!

  23. Lee Dixon says:

    Makes your heart stronger.

  24. This is amazing – jumping is more efficient exercise than running! What?!?!! I’d rather jump any day! I bet my kids would too.

  25. Shanna says:

    Bouncing on a Jungle JumpaRoo stimulates your lymphatic system, helping rid your body of toxins, bacteria, viruses and other cell waste

  26. Anita Duvall says:

    The biggest benefit would be getting the heart really pumping for everyone (Cardio).

  27. Denise E. says:

    10 minutes of bouncing on a Jungle JumpaRoo® provides the same level of cardiovascular health benefits as 33 minutes of running.

  28. Richard Hicks says:

    One benefit is that it strengthens all muscles including the heart!

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