Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (Go! Go! Sports)

Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (Go! Go! Sports)

ChiTAGFair is always a fun experience for our entire family but last year we took a different spin and let our young correspondents interview inventors and company representatives. Because they enjoyed it so much (and everyone else thought it was cool), we decided to do the same again this year!

We had the pleasure of meeting with Peter from Go! Go! Sports Girls, where he presented information about their product, GoGo Sports Girls.

Go! Go! Sports Girls are award winning dolls and books encouraging healthy & active play over fashion & body image.

Want to learn more? Let them know you’d like to see more of their products here on SahmReviews! Meanwhile, see what they’re up to by checking them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Scott Brady

About Scott Brady

A former manufacturing executive, Scott now balances his family life with ownership and backend administration of websites such as SahmReviews.com, GiftCardCollector.com and a number of other online properties. He also is an award-winning board game designer with notable titles such as Hues and Cues and boop.

14 comments on «Highlights: ChiTAG 2014 (Go! Go! Sports)»

  1. Great review Scott! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. You find the most interesting games, and this time, and game FAIR! How neat that the kids gained journalist type experience – what an opportunity and learning experience!

  3. How fun! Your young correspondent didi a fabulous job!

  4. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My little girls actually enjoy these dolls and so do I. I love a realistic, age appropriate doll.

  5. Jenna Wood says:

    I just love the positive messaging of these GoGo girls dolls- we have a few here my nieces love to play with. Thanks for another great interview from ChiTAG!

  6. Love the way that this encourages healthy living. Your daughter did such a great job!

  7. Danielle I says:

    It’s nice to see a company/brand promoting self-confidence in young girls and getting away from the Barbie figure. I hope more companies fall in line with the same message.

  8. I have this doll and my daughter adores it. Can’t help but like the idea

  9. Crystal says:

    My daughter would adore this. She’s sporty, but also very girly.

  10. I think it’s great there are products out there for girls that aren’t all about being skinny and ‘hot’ – being strong and smart should be characteristics they strive for instead!

  11. Jacqui Odell says:

    I have two girls who would love this!! They are very girly type girls.

  12. Sarah says:

    What a fun experience!

  13. Donna Ward says:

    So cute – the interview – Wow! Congratulations on the great work here – and your little one doing the interview – so smart – and the dolls seem a better alternative to most out there!

  14. Ina says:

    Great idea to let kids interview the toy makers! From the baby mouth and all that …:)

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