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Say the first thing you think of when you read the following words:

Peanut Butter.

Chances are you answered Pepper, Jelly, Conditioner, Robin and Ernie. Some things just belong together, don’t they? November and December are months filled with festivities and holidays. It’s a time when we should be reflecting on the things that we are thankful for. The blessings in our lives. The peanut butter to our jelly. The salt to our pepper.

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For me, it’s my family. Specifically Scott who wears many hats including awesome husband and best friend. I’ve been blogging for many years and he has always encouraged and supported me. For the past year, he has done even more than that and has been responsible for getting SahmReviews to the next level. Among other things, he was instrumental in the site redesign, handles behind-the-scenes site administration daily and does the photo editing for every post. If you come here to read about our board game reviews, you’re here because of him. In addition to new games, he’s also the brainchild behind the Thrift Treasure series. I never take the time to tell him how much I appreciate him and all he does.

I do. I appreciate him. He’s awesome. (You should be jealous.) In the words of Jerry Maguire, “You Complete Me.”

Without family and friends, what do we have? TV and movies are filled with great stories about love, friendship and bonding. One show touches on all three of these, Friends. It was a hit for 10 seasons. Regulars of the show watched the group grow up together. Those who didn’t always catch them were left piecing together the long-term story lines. Get your binge-watching plans ready… Friends is coming to Netflix on January 1st. The entire series! It’s one of many series we’re seeing migrate over. Yay!

Netflix has shows for little kids including Netflix Original, VeggieTales i nthe House. - SahmReviews.com #StreamTeam

Netflix regularly adds new original shows to their lineup including the one they launched this past week, VeggieTales in the House! There are fabulous shows for the entire family. The little kids can enjoy a variety of shows like Elmo, Phineas and Ferb or Fox and the Hound.

Some shows are good for any age range. - SahmReviews.com #StreamTeam

There are many shows appropriate for the family too. Charlotte’s Web was always one of my favorite stories when I was a kid. Scooby Doo, of course, is just an all-around classic. Who doesn’t love trying to guess who the masked villain is? A more current show that appeals to a broad range of ages would be Super Mario Brothers Super Show. I know it’s a cartoon for kids, but it’s Mario. It makes me feel young.

Put the kids to bed and watch something on Netflix. - SahmReviews.com #StreamTeam

Once the kids are in bed, parents want to take a turn on Netflix and there are many choices of both current and nostalgic shows. Wayne’s World, The X Files and Gilmore Girls are all great. How I Met Your Mother is more recent but a huge hit and following in the footsteps of Friends. Did I mention that the entire Friends series is coming to Netflix in January? I did? Maybe I felt the need to emphasize it more than once because it’s pretty exciting news.

StreamTeamBadgeWhether you’re curled up on the couch with the love of your life or hanging out while the kids stream something for themselves, Netflix has options that emphasize the importance of friendship and working together.

What types of activities or shows do you like to do for quality time with the one who completes you?

28 thoughts on “Pairs That Belong Together

  1. What a sweet tribute to your husband. I think you guys make an awesome rocking blog team! We’re thinking of getting Netflix. My son and his wife have it and they love it.

  2. I haven’t seen a few of these movies in quite some time, might have to pop some popcorn and watch them for good old times, I am really into the show The big bang theory.

  3. You guys are a super cute couple. Curling up on the couch with your best friend is one of the best feelings in the world.

  4. It takes a good team to have a successful blog. Scott and you are like Bogie and Bacall. Bet that one throws you for a loop. You probably aren’t old enough to remember them.

  5. My boys are big WWE fans so every Monday and Friday night we gather in the living room to watch WWE. I try to make up some kind of treat even if it’s just popcorn and we watch it together

  6. Such a sweet post. You guys make an adorable couple. Our girls love watching all of the kids shows on Netflix (they are super excited about Veggie Tales). My husband and I love watching Netflix together too. I can watch the romance, he can watch the thrillers and we can watch the action,comedy and suspense movies together.

  7. sweet post…our family likes to play board games together…although this Holiday season my kids and yep even hubby once have cuddles up and watched a Hallmark Holiday movie with me…I couldn’t feel my fingers after daughter (12) fell asleep on my shoulder during the Northpole movie GREAT TIMES!!! =D

  8. I’m pretty picky when it comes to movies (I feel like if I’m going to watch something, I should feel like it’s really well worth 2 hours of my time), so that’s not something I enjoy very often. My favorite activities with my husband have nothing to do with technology! A walk around the streets of San Francisco, a quiet dinner together somewhere new, sitting down in our living room drinking tea and chatting about how our day went. Those are the days and the moments I cherish!

  9. That’s awesome that you have Scott! You guys make a great pair!!!! I love watching netfilx, especially catching up on shows or just watching an entire series over again and bugging my husband because he doesn’t like it. 🙂

  10. I’ve been watching The Orange Is The New Black. I know I’m late but I must say it’s quite amazing series. Totally for adults only but so real. I hope it will open people’s eyes about the prison system.

  11. We cut the cable cord years ago and Netflix is one of our main ways to catch up. We loved watching Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead together. And, we can’t wait for next season of House of Cards – February!

  12. What a lovely post! You both are very cute couple. My husband is very supportive to me in my activities and he encourages me always. We prefer only Netflix for movies. Our most favorite couple activity is we love to go for a walk in garden and enjoy the beauty of nature. 🙂

  13. Yea my life path was a little bit … well, not mainstream. And actually a lot of my life lessons over the past decade are not to put my dependence on anything external including people. So I guess for me it’s … me and God. I understand some people do indeed grow together. What I have found is that I grew apart from pretty much everyone who was in my life a few years ago. And I’m not sure how this transformation could have happened in a couple situation. That said, I remain open to the possibility that it could under the right circumstances.

  14. You have a very interesting and well written blog that I enjoy visiting every day. You have great topics that I do not see on any other blog. I do not have a husband at this time.But my Dad and nephew love playing games, watching movies and playing video games. Not my Dad. Just me and my nephew and niece!

  15. I have Netflix for my kids, they really enjoy it! Great seeing a happy couple like the two of you are. In many cases these days, you don’t see it so it is refreshing

  16. what a sweet post! It’s wonderful to have such great support! I really need to get Netflix, sounds like it has a lot of good movies/shows.

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