Organizing for On-the-Go (or On-the-Stay)


I don’t travel too terribly often so when I do, I usually have a good idea of what I want to pack. That’s because I think through it so thoroughly to make sure I don’t forget anything. I’m only a few short weeks from my next trip and I’m already starting to worry about what I need. Aside from the normal travel stuff like deodorant, toiletries and shampoo, when traveling for work (social media) there is an entirely different list of things to worry about packing. Business cards and notepads. Pens and highlighters. And electronics and electronics and electronics. So let’s see… that means I need like five different chargers plus a portable charger or two. It’s crazy how many different things are needed.

Typically, I pack one bag small makeup bag, one bag with liquids, one bag with jewelry and one bag with electronics and cords. I toss most into my suitcase and some into my tote bag. It’s helps me compartmentalize what I’m packing but it’s frustrating when I need to find something. At least everything (kind of) has a place.

The biggest problems have to deal with the airlines. Mainly, the baggage charges. I don’t like paying extra fees so I try to coordinate all my packing to get everything into one carry-on and my tote/purse. For the most part I’m able to pack pretty light in terms of clothes. It’s all the extra stuff I take and all the extra room I want for the return trip that always get me in trouble. I stress about it for weeks in advance of each trip.

Keep organized on the go with the EMME bag. -

Maybe all the anxiety around making sure I pack just right is why I was so excited when the EMME bag arrived for me to review. First, I need to admit something. I’m one of those people who factors in the number of pockets, hiding places and gadgets when purchasing a new vehicle. It’s silly but I’m a sucker for those kinds of hidden surprises. That’s why I like the EMME bag! It is like the Swiss Army Knife of travel bags. It unfolds and unzips, has removable pockets here and there and even has a built-in hook so you can hang it in your hotel room. When fully packed and folded, it is no larger than a portfolio notebook. Nice, compact and organized.

Pack, organize, unzip, hang. Travel organizer that keeps you organized! -  Don't let TSA procedures stress you out. Just be organized ahead of time! -

It was designed with the traveler in mind so the bag includes refillable travel-sized bottles along with printed labels to attach. Those are stored in one of the portions of the bag that is removable because (unless you haven’t traveled in a LONG time) you know that TSA makes you remove the bag with liquids and put it outside your suitcase for inspection. Remember when I said it’s frustrating to try to find something when I need it. THAT’S usually when I get frustrated. Standing in line at TSA trying to remove my shoes, belt, phone AND fish out a bag of shampoo and conditioner.

Awww. Look at all the cute little compartments! -

I sat down and did a preliminary “pack” of the bag to see how well it worked. I love that almost everything will fit. The only things that I can’t include in this bag are my glasses and my Sonicare toothbrush – each of which have their own cases anyhow. Since the EMME bag has individually divided sections, I am confident in adding liquids to some compartments and electronics to others. Everything is nice and neatly organized making it easy to find something quickly. TSA won’t be an issue on my next trip – nor will finding my phone charger!

Aside from use during travel, this would be great to have on hand for being organized “on-the-stay”. You know, when you’re having to juggle schedules and be in several places at once then realize you didn’t pack (lunch, makeup, electronic chargers, nail file, band-aids, pain killers, insert other emergency item here) something that you really, really wish you had. An EMME bag filled with these types of necessities would be perfect to keep stored in your vehicle!

While I know there are many travel bags out there, I haven’t found one designed with this many fun-sized compartments that all fold up together in one convenient case. Others I have looked at either have just a few compartments which means deciding between using it for electronics or using it for toiletries. The EMME bag lets everything go together… but separate.

One less thing to worry about when packing.

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16 thoughts on “Organizing for On-the-Go (or On-the-Stay)

  1. I bet this would be awesome for any girl that stays in a dorm! I think the restrictions on airlines makes it near to impossible to carry everything you need, forget about everything you want. I think these bags would help tremendously!

    1. Hi Robin! We have lots of college age customers who use the EMME bag in their dorm rooms! It works great daily and when traveling. Please feel free to use the code SAHM for a 20% discount. Thank you for your comment!

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