Munchkin Monday: Hisss Game Review

Hisss Game. Too bad all snakes aren't this cute. -

My sister and I are on summer vacation and always looking for something to do. So we sit down and play some games! Today’s game was called Hisss! This is how you play. You shuffle the cards and put them in a neat pile, or just spread all the cards out on the table. The colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and RAINBOW! Then you find someone in your house or someone nearby to play with you! Then you can start!

Looking for a kid-friendly game? Try Hisss by Gamewright. - #KidReview

The youngest person goes first. Player 1 picks up a card from the pile and puts it on the table, face up, so all the players can see what it is. Let’s say the card has 2 colors on it: Red and Orange. Since you are the first person who drew a card, just put it in the middle of table.

The player with the most pieces of snake wins! Hisss by Gamewright. - #KidReview

Player 2, takes a card. If one of the colors match the colors that Player 1 put down, like Red and Purple, then you place the red by the red. In other words, if Player 2 drew a card with Blue and Green, then Player 2 will place the card on different part of the table, away from the other card, to start a new snake.

Check out Hisss from Gamewright - #KidReview

All the players do this over and over again. Then Player 3 draws a Red head! The head’s color has to match one of the body’s end colors. For example, there is a really long snake with the colors Purple and Green at each end of the not-yet-completed snake. Then one person draws a Green head! The person who drew that card puts the head by the red end, and it stops there, because it is the head of the snake! Then the only way the snake to get bigger is to add on the other way.

Let’s say the next player draws a Purple tail! The player who drew that card puts the card by the purple end, and completes that snake! The player who completed the snake claims it, and puts it in that player’s winning pile.

Hisss by Gamewright is a great kid-friendly game! - #KidReview

So back to the regular thing, Player 3 puts the head next to the Red spot. Or if there isn’t one, place it somewhere else on the table.

Players keep drawing cards and completing snakes until there are no more cards left. The not-completed snakes go in a discard pile, and all the players count how many cards they have. Or, if you want, you can count by how many snakes you have. The player with the most snakes or cards wins!

If you think you would like these snakes at your house, for under $11 you can grab a copy of Hisss on Amazon. Connect with Gamewright on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with their other great games.

31 thoughts on “Munchkin Monday: Hisss Game Review

  1. Love the name of that game!! HISS! I bet this snake could become very long, or maybe even be on the short side. I have 3 Grandkids who are younger, one of them I know would really like this game. Thank you so much for explaining it so I can understand it.

  2. Both of my boys love games like this, too! We play lots of games, but I had never heard of this one before. I think I might get it, though, because I think my two boys would love it.

  3. This is just the kind of game I like when I want to play something with the kids, but we’re short on time (so it has to a game that moves fairly quickly). I like the addition of the rainbow colored card, that makes things just a bit cooler. Great review!

  4. This game sounds like fun-somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. You explained it wonderfully so that even I (who is not really good at these things) could play with no problem–unless I kept picking cards with the wrong color!

  5. I loved your review; and fell in love with the game. I had never heard of this game but it looks great and like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.. can’t wait to read more of your posts soon…

  6. Oh what fun. My kids love playing games and it is the one time I get peace in the house when the kids play together:) HA! This sounds like a lot of fun

  7. I love visual games like this! I think I’d even have fun playing with the younger kiddos, and I think the older kids would love making their own snakes!

  8. What a wonderful game review! My son would love playing this – my husband might not though because he’s scared of snakes which makes me want to buy it more.

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