Family Time: Matinee with Movie Snacks


In the first years after hubby and I met, we spent a lot of time selling sports memorabilia at shows and events. We were both ambitious individuals so we often did things others didn’t to bring customers to our tables at the shows. As an example, we created, printed and distributed a newsletter with things like tips on baseball card collecting, trends and how to spot a fake. We also brainstormed candy ideas and started setting out fun, individually wrapped candies that we could dole out to kids while their parents were shopping. Our favorite was a ridiculously sour bubble gum – a product totally new to candy shelves at the time and something most kids weren’t familiar with. Honestly, we gave those out for our own amusement because it was hilarious to see the expressions on their faces when they went to chomp away, expecting sweet only to find sour.

It’s funny how some memories slip into the recesses of your brain until something jars them awake. That happened this past holiday weekend when #CollectiveBias sent us out to sample Mike and Ike’s new Zours candies during a demo at Walmart.

You'll pucker up for this candy demo! Mike and Ike Zours - #ZoursFace #shop  Popcorn plus candy. What a fun demo at Walmart! Mike and Ike Zours - #ZoursFace #shop

The woman handing out samples told us this candy has been so popular that the store hasn’t been able to keep them in stock. She wasn’t even able to purchase her normal allotment of samples since the supply was so low! That good, huh? Lemme at ’em! I carefully surveyed the samples to see what flavors were available: Sour Lemon, Sour Green Apple, Sour Watermelon, Sour Blue Raspberry and Sour Cherry.

Are these sour? Hmmm... Mike and Ike Zours - #ZoursFace #shop

As we puckered up from the sour taste, I remembered the fun tricks we played on those kids long ago and wish I had pulled one over on my own kids. Would have been fun to disguise them in a normal Mike and Ike box then prep the camera for their reactions! Unfortunately that wasn’t possible since they were with us when we demo’d them.

Mike and Ike Zours may be sour but they're also HOT. A hot commodity that is. Walmart can't keep them in stock! - #ZoursFace #shop

Hubby and I already had plans for the afternoon, a long-awaited movie – Earth to Echo – was finally in theaters. We grabbed a box of Zours each from the demo stand (since the shelves were empty) and headed off to the movie.

Movies are a great family bonding experience! They inspire conversation. - #ZoursFace #shop

I don’t know about you but movies are a very important part of our lives. We see a variety of types – from animated to science fiction – and they always stir conversation and bonding. We see at least a few each month at the theater as well as several others at home. We find that it opens the doors to communication with the kids and as they grow older, having limited barriers is going to be so important.

We plan for these outings, too. It isn’t uncommon for us to enjoy a “lunch” of movie theater popcorn, pop and candy. This time around we grabbed a burger before going but that didn’t stop us from ordering up our perfect combo of movie snacks.

Shhh. Don't let the kids know you were sneaking Zours into the movie! - #ZoursFace #shop

Our kids learn by example so I don’t make it a habit of smuggling candy into the theater. Today was an exception; they don’t have Mike and Ike there and certainly don’t offer the new Zours. Hey kids… Sneaking candy into the theater is NOT okay. We just needed these to supplement our popcorn and pop today!

Earth to Echo was an okay movie but not our favorite of the summer. Having already watched The Amazing Spider Man 2, Maleficent, Godzilla, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Edge of Tomorrow, this one had a lot to live up to. The kids liked the story but didn’t like the film style. I felt it was slow moving and unrealistic. As I’ve already mentioned, we don’t exactly see “realistic” movies but this one pushed the limit for me. Echo (the alien) was adorable but I’m pretty sure at some point during the evening the parents would have figured out the kids were not where they were supposed to be. We’ll certainly be referencing this movie as what is NOT allowed of teenage behavior.

Grab the best movie snacks then head off to a movie with your family! - #ZoursFace #shop

The best part of the movie was that the kids left the popcorn for us and focused on their Zours! What did we think of the the new Zours? When you suck on them they taste like normal candy but be ready to pucker up as soon as you bite down!  A great flashback to a time long ago!

To stay up to date on Zours and the latest creations by Mike and Ike, visit their website. You can also keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or by following #ZoursFace. When you try these, be sure to share yours!

How often do you see movies as a family? Do you enjoy popcorn, candy and pop when you go?

Whether you're watching movies at home or at a theater, make sure you have the best movie snacks! Popcorn, pop and Zours! - #ZoursFace #shop

40 thoughts on “Family Time: Matinee with Movie Snacks

  1. Ha on the sour bubblegame at the tables! I’d pay to see my kids get one of those unexpectedly. 🙂

    My husband is a huge Mike & Ike fan. We haven’t tried the Zours yet.

  2. Those sour faces are great! I didn’t know that Mike & Ike had a sour flavor out. We’ll have to give this a try!

  3. We haven’t been to the movies in ages. It is so much fun with the kids. We all love to get the candy and popcorn at the movies. Thanks for sharing.

  4. First of all, I love sour candy so yum! I will look for these ones for sure. I love that you can find so much easily at Walmart. It’s all in one place. That makes life simpler. Also, who doesn’t love a good movie night? I haven’t seen any movies lately. I never get out but I would love to see maleficent soon!!

  5. Wait… you aren’t supposed to smuggle candy into the movie theater? Something is wrong here! Certainly movie theater popcorn is like no other, but the daring adventure of the smuggle is part of the experience for me and mine. Sorry concession stand, but your prices are crazy! (And we love sour candy, too!)

  6. Love your pic with the candy in your bag. Haven’t heard of zours but I am a fan of sour candy so I will be on the look out for it.

  7. Omg I do the same thing and put them in my purse haha They look really good, I’ll have to stop by Walmart and get some!

  8. I love sour candy, but I didn’t know Mike & Ike made them!

    My mom says she wants to see Earth to Echo because it reminded her of Batteries Not Included (from the 80’s) but I am seeing that a lot of people didn’t care for it, especially with all the other good movies that are being released for the Summer.

  9. Nothing wrong with bringing your own delicious candy in the theater. Not a fan of sour candies but my kids love it. I’ll have to look for it next time I’m at the store.

  10. Sour candies can boost up an appetite. They can also be a great conversation starter. Offer one and win a friend. Plus, you’d be able to see funny facial expressions. 🙂

  11. I love these snacks.. though I rarely go to the movies, unless I’m going free with my sister to screen or if we go we bring our old snacks, haha.

  12. I too love movies. But, there has to be a better way for them to make money. Let’s face it, the prices at the concession are way too high. I get the economics of it, but something has to give or people will keep watching at home.

    What we do is get something to eat before the movie, make the day an experience. It’s almost the same price and the quality of the food is soooo much better.

  13. I’m a movie person, I can’t believe the prices charged at the concession stands. I need to sneak this stuff in.

  14. Haha! Sneakin’ it in!! Only way to go, otherwise you may have had to exchange your first born for the snack items- the prices are NUTS these days!

  15. I am not huge into candy or the movies. I love going to the movies but it just gets too expensive. When I do go, I normally have stuff in my purse. Haha. I am not paying those over priced prices! hehe

    I will have to pass this candy along to a friend. She loves sours stuff!! Thank you for sharing!

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