Tell Me a Story and Tickle Me Pink

We have determined the secret to a good game for our family is it must adhere to a few criteria. First it must be age-appropriate (duh). Second, it must allow for at least 4 players so no one is left out (more if possible). Third, it must not be boring for the adults! This past Christmas we found one that fit the bill: Magic Feather by Wiggity Bang!

Aptly described as “A Nutty Rumpus of a Game for Kids & Families”, this game is much more than just rolling dice and moving around a board. In Magic Feather, you play an animal of your choice and race around the neighborhood doing silly tasks and answering wacky questions.

A nutty rumpus of a game for kids & families - Magic Feather! -

Make your way across the board trying to collect your Magic Feather and to the end spot where you then must complete a challenge on the Story Card to win. But along the way are movable nutty Crows that will block your path. Fortunately the board is not linear, so there are multiple paths you can choose to move on as you make your way through the neighborhood.

A nutty rumpus of a game for kids & families - Magic Feather! - SahmReviews.comWhat began as a friendly game a few days after Christmas soon became a silly, but serious, race for the finish line.

A nutty rumpus of a game for kids & families - Magic Feather! - SahmReviews.comIntended for ages 7 and up, I can see allowing players as young as 5 or 6 enjoying the silliness of the game play. The package supports up to 8 players, so if you have an larger family or a family gathering planned, this would be a good solution to keeping everyone entertained. Pick up a copy on Amazon for around $15 shipped!

Wiggity Bang! has a number of other games in their lineup and are even adding a new one this fall called Alpha Bandits! Learn more about them on Facebook and Twitter!

What is your favorite party game?

15 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story and Tickle Me Pink

  1. I have seen this advertised but wasn’t sure what it exactly was about and if it was worth the money. Good review. I think my family would like this one.

  2. We love table games at home, we pay some role playing ones like D&D or silly ones like game of life, monopoly , my kids and hub by would love a game like this.

  3. I could see me having fun with this game! No young people in the family to play games with but I will definitely mention this game to others.

  4. Sounds like a great game.. Sometimes the lesser known games are TONS more fun! our family has picked up some doozies at yard sales over the years! Make great memories with all ages.

  5. It’s the first time I have seen that boardgame. I am very intrigued and I like how it’s colorful with amazing characters’ illustrations. Nice!

  6. We play family games too with our grand kids. Our latest was Headbands – that is so much fun…you should check it out!!

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