The Knight That Made Her Day

The Knight That Made Her Day


DH and I have a strong opinion about exposing our kids to different activities. We take them to auctions, trade shows, conventions, museums, aquariums, car shows and more. Never are we afraid to take them out to dinner because they know that there is a time and a place for behaving vs playing.

Most people are able to look back in their lives and pinpoint unique experiences that meant more than others. Whether it be a unique restaurant, cool amusement park or simply quality time with a loved one, some memories stand out more than others. During a trip to Chicago, we took the kids to Medieval Times. I’m certain that it will be a night that they remember for years to come.

Anyone familiar with a Medieval Times knows that it is a dinner theater unlike any other dinner theater. For those who haven’t had the privilege to attend, let me fill you in. Not only is it fun, it is amazing. You are transported back in time to, well, medieval times. Kings, Princes, Knights, horses, jousting, wenches and food, food, food. Guests are addressed as m’lord and m’lady. By everyone. For the duration of your stay at the castle, you are treated like royalty.

The website suggests that guests arrive early; the castle doors open 75 minutes prior to the start of the show. Seats aren’t reserved in advance but are distributed on a first-come, first-served manner. King’s Royalty seats ensure front row through all sections or second row in the center. Our Royalty reservations guaranteed us seating closer to the arena but didn’t ensure exactly where. The earlier you arrive, the closer to the front of your designated section. While you’re able to get your seat assignment early, you cannot enter the arena until after some lobby presentations.

The prior tournament was still underway in the arena so the lobby area was pretty empty. We were able to walk around and check out the decorations without interruption. The halls are lined with cool decorations and facts about the times. Looking for a souvenir of your adventure to the past? No lack of options available. In addition to an array of weapons, there were also kids’ swords and shields, crowns and trinkets.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -  Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

Of course, there’s always the option for some grog. Belly up to the bar and order yourself King’s Goblet filled with your favorite drink. You’re welcome to carry it as you check out the artifacts, see the horses or (for an extra fee) visit the medieval torture museum. Before the doors to the arena open, the King makes a special presentation to knight special guests.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! - SahmReviews.comTake a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -  Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

After bearing witness to several guests be knighted, it was finally time to head to our designated seats. We were designated to sit at table 3, cheering on the red & yellow knight. To control the chaos of seating, only certain sections are allowed into the arena at a time. No need to rush the doors; remember your section and table were assigned based on when you arrived at the castle!

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

As the doors open, it’s dark yet fascinating. Seats are prepped and ready for the big event. All seats have crowns, dishes and napkins. Depending on the seating package selected, seats also include a program and souvenir flag. The only thing lacking are utensils.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

Food is consumed sans silverware. When the soup is served, guests slurp directly from the bowl. It’s extremely fun! Gets a bit messy in the later courses but delightfully fun. When I said to arrive hungry, I wasn’t kidding. Seriously… don’t snack beforehand. The amount of food you get is ridiculous. Soup, rib, chicken, potatoes, dessert and drinks. Adult portions and kids portions are exactly the same. Don’t worry, in this medieval realm styrofoam boxes are available for leftovers.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

During the entire dinner, you are treated to a show of medieval drama and talent. A story supported by a tournament that includes games of accuracy and jousting. All along, you cheer for your designated knight and the knights on your supporting team. They woo the royal court… They joust… And they battle… But I don’t want to give the entire thing away. It is something you need to experience on your own.

Throughout the tournament, knights are given flowers by the princess each time they are successful during one of their events. Each knight returns to his section and tosses them to the crowd. Our knight gave one to Miss M then turned and addressed Miss K. “I’ll have something special for you.” With each turn, he gently bowed to her and acknowledged with a “I haven’t forgotten you” and “Be patient M’Lady.” Near the end of the tournament, he returned to our section, extended his joust to her. On the end was a special sash naming her “Queen of the Tournament”.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -
Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -  Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -
Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

Of course, there’s a whole story happening at the same time, including battles of different types and eventually closing out the event in grand style.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -
Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -  Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

Afterwards, the knights were available in the castle lobby to pose for photos and autographs. Our queen needed to meet her knight in person. He absolutely made her day.

Take a look at the fun you'll have when you visit a Medieval Times! -

If you’re looking for an event that wraps history, food and entertainment all into one, visit a castle near you. To stay connected with Medieval Times in the digital realm, find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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  1. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Medievel Times! I live in Chicago and I have never been. Sounds like you guys had a great time. I’ll make it there one day.

  2. What an awesome experience for children and families! Not only is it interactive but they also learn a bit about life in medieval times (with 21st century amenities of course!)

    1. Nicole says:

      Kathy – You are absolutely correct. Our older daughter actually selected Medieval Times as one of her course choices during summer College for Kids. Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament was obviously the reason for that decision!

  3. Medieval Times is still the best dinner show. I’ve been to the ones in Orange County, CA and Dallas. The entertainment is top notch and the food is good, too. I’ve been to similar shows and they can’t compare.

  4. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve been to a Medieval Times, but it would be so much fun to take my kids!

    It looks & sounds like you guys had a great time!

  5. Rebecca Swenor says:

    Sounds awesome. I will have to bring my family there. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Debi says:

    I have always wanted to go to Medievil times. I just found out where one is, semi close to me.

  7. Kay M. says:

    I love it! I would love to go to Medieval Times but there are none in our area. I have always loved castles and this whole era in time.

  8. Anne says:

    What a fun event! My kids would love to attend one of these, sounds like so much fun.

  9. saminder gumer says:

    i have been to the one in dallas before. it reminds me of the renaissance festival. i love the show and the food is pretty good too.

  10. That looks like so much fun> I have to see if there is one by me.

  11. I have always been curious about Medieval Times, but we are Vegan and I’ve heard it’s all about the meat there. I wonder if that’s only a myth. We have one very close by!

    1. Nicole says:

      @Elayna – They offer vegetarian options (not sure if they are Vegan or not), you just need to let them know in advance. It’s not just about the meat – it’s about the entire event. I recommend contacting the one close to you and asking about their dietary alternatives.

      1. Jess Strunk (Sybille) says:

        The vegetarian option is DELICIOUS. I’ve been told they use some kind of meat-based broth in it however. I’d ask them there.

  12. Michele says:

    Queen of the Tournament-WOW-and that smile on your daughters face is priceless!! I have never heard of this before and am not sure if there is one near me–but I certainly am going to be checking it out! It looks like great fun!

  13. wooooowwwww…. that is amazing! My Uncle has been plannign to take his two daughters to Italy and see the Colosseo and all but due to budget constraint, it’s been postponed. I think that they don’t have to go that far with Medieval Times as alternative. How grand!

  14. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We don’t have a Medieval Times here in Boston, but I think we need one!! It looks awesome!

  15. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Looks like you guys had a blast! I love dinner tournaments!

  16. Dawn Lopez says:

    Oh wow, it looks like you had a fantastic time. I haven’t been to Medieval Times since I was a teenager. I would love to take my son! Need to plan on it!

  17. how fun!! We have never taken the kids to medieval times but I really want to go!

  18. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to something like this – the entertainment right down to the food – what an experience!!

  19. What fun! My kids would definitely enjoy this!

  20. This was my favorite thing to do as a kid. Still looks like I would have fun taking my kids.

  21. michelle says:

    How fun! I want to go.

  22. I remember wanting to go there when I was a little girl and never getting to. Sad face!

  23. sounds like a great place to go dinner and entertaining!

  24. Pam says:

    This looks like an awesome place to get dinner and a show. I’m sure my kids would love it.

  25. I have always contemplated bringing my kids to a show like this! They are really young but I think it would be fun!

  26. Shauna says:

    Oh my… what a great time. We haven’t been to a one in years since they don’t have one around us, but we are heading back home this Summer and I should look into it. Thanks for sharing with us

  27. That is so incredible! we have always dreamed of going to Medieval times; but there has never been one close enough for us to go! I still want to go really badly! They need to build one near me!

  28. Wow! I’ve heard of Medieval Times but I’ve never really seen INTO the place itself. Those pictures above show a completely different picture then the one I had in my head. That definitely is a must see show!

  29. Emily says:

    What great memories for her!! Love that they made it special for her!

  30. Lesa Jones says:

    I know she had a blast we took my oldest grandson when he was 4 and they placed the cornish hen in front of him and he said where is the fork. They said son you can eat with your hand and there 9s nothing they can do about it LOL. He got a kick out of that.

  31. Janice says:

    That place looks totally cool!

  32. What an memorable evening! What little girl would not LOVE that, too cute!

  33. Marina says:

    This is definitely on our bucket list. Every thing I read about it sounds AH-mazing!

  34. A. Frederick Sansait says:

    This is cool! Nice to hear about it! <3

  35. What fun!! She looks so happy and what a magical moment. It’s been too long since we’ve been to Medieval Times.

  36. Mami2jcn says:

    We went to Medieval Times for the first time last year (in Myrtle Beach) and the kids loved it! It’s a memorable experience.

  37. Liz Mays says:

    I totally love that they pick someone out like that. She’s such a lucky little lady!

  38. Wow, that sounds like an amazing night out! Cool! We don’t have that sort of fun thing around where I’m living at the present time, in a rural area. But before I moved here I came from a large city, and dinner theaters were so much fun to go to. I miss that. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Birdiebee says:

    Wow, what an awesome place. This would definitely be a life experience to remember.

  40. I must agree with the others, this looks like an awesome place to visit. We have a renaissance fair not far from me that is open every fall. It’s called King Richard’s Faire and my family always has a great time there!

  41. Aww! This is such a great idea & looks like a lovely day! 🙂

  42. Hillary says:

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to a Medieval show. That seems like so much fun! 😀

  43. Holly S. says:

    It looks like so much fun! I’ve always wanted to go…except for the no silverware. I have a thing. I would totally have to smuggle in silverware in my purse!!!

    1. Nicole says:

      LOL, Holly. I was kind of taken back by it the first time also then I thought “Hey, this is fun!” (They provide wet wipes so that helps. You’ll have to go sometime… it’s excellent entertainment.

  44. I didn’t even know they had one of these in other cities.. lol I’ve been to the one in Buena Park, CA next to Knott’s Berry Farm but I didn’t realize that they had them in other states. It’s a lot of fun, my kids enjoyed it a lot, but it’s very expensive so it has to be something you plan for in your budget. Wonderful pictures!

    1. Nicole says:

      Thanks, Lesley. It’s definitely an experience. We don’t go all out for souvenirs so that helps with the budget. We saw some families buying the kids all kinds of things to play with while the adults were partaking in a beverage of choice. My kids know that we pay for the experience but don’t need all those extras.

      1. Absolutely! I think the experience is well-worth the price indeed! We would definitely go back again given the chance. I need to see if they have one near us, we moved out of California this year so the one in Buena Park isn’t a local option anymore. I would have never known they were in other states had I not come across this post – so thank you! Cheers!

        1. Nicole says:

          We never made it to the Buena Park one when we lived in LA but I really wanted to. There are a handful across the country and one in Canada:
          Atlanta, GA
          Baltimore/Washington, D.C.
          Buena Park, CA
          Chicago, IL
          Dallas, TX
          Lyndhurst, NJ
          Myrtle Beach, SC
          Orlando, FL
          Toronto, ON

  45. Kungphoo says:

    We have gone twice and both times it was such a good time.. its always different and exhilarating.

  46. Erika says:

    Wow what a fantastic venue. I wonder if they can make accommodations for vegans on the dining options. Looks like a lot of fun.

  47. Theresa says:

    We went about 2 months ago and it really was the highlighted trip of the summer for our girls! Getting to immerse themselves in a little medieval culture was a blast!

  48. I have never been to one of these but it looks and sounds like a lot of fun. I don’t think I could go with out using silverware though especially for soup. Thank you for sharing your special event with the rest of us.

  49. Wendi S says:

    I definitely must take my boys over to Medieval Times. Your little girl looks like she had a fantastic time.

  50. John says:

    It looks & sounds like you guys had a great time! I will have to bring my family there. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Amy Lovell says:

    I so wanna take my daughter so bad but there ate not any close to us

  52. Deb says:

    This is a really nice story. I smiled as I read it. Thank you.

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