Birds of Paradise: Meet the Flockers is now available on DVD and digital download. Details at


As parents, we are our children’s most important teacher. We serve as role models, teach right from wrong and responsible for making sure they eat healthy. Unfortunately, some tasks and lessons are more difficult because the subject matter is very personal but they are important nonetheless. One thing is certain – as a parent, we need to make sure our kids are safe and healthy – physically as well as emotionally.

Kids can be pretty cruel though. It’s a fact of life. The quest to be popular or hang with the “in” crowd can set any child up for failure and often is a point for depression. This past weekend, my girls had a chance to watch Birds of Paradise: Meet the Flockers which released on DVD and Digital Download on April 1st. The movie provided an opportunity for us to discuss one of those difficult lessons.

Here’s what the girls had to say about the movie:

Me: First, tell me who the main characters are.
Girls: The main characters are Jack (voiced by Drake Bell), a male sparrow; Aurora (voiced by Ashley Tisdale), a female canary; Rosie (Jane Lynch), a female bat, Skeeter (Jon Lovitz), a male woodpecker and Vinnie (Ken Jeong), a male pigeon.

Birds of Paradise: Meet the Flockers is now available on DVD and digital download. Details at

Me: Okay, so tell me a bit about the movie.
Miss K: Jack thought he wasn’t special because the popular girls wouldn’t hang out with him. He saw a canary (Aurora) who had been caged her whole life but she was afraid of him. He accidentally spilled paint all over himself making his feathers all colorful. Jack thought the colors made him special so he decided to enter a race for special people.

The girls proceeded to share some spoilers about the outcome of the race, how things went with Aurora and how the other characters played into the story.  While I won’t be sharing the spoilers, I do want to explain what I thought was an amazing realization by them. The girls both told me that the colors he spilled on himself didn’t make him special. The colors are just on his outside and the special part is on the inside.

Miss K: “Don’t let your looks get in the way of who you are. Just because someone says you are not special on the outside doesn’t mean you are not special on the inside. It’s about who you are on the inside, not who you are on the outside.”

Can you see me beaming like a proud mom? Of all the things we have to teach our children, these types of things can be the most difficult. Hearing that both the girls grasped the importance of this lesson made me extremely happy.

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Birds of Paradise: Meet the Flockers is worth picking up on DVD or downloading if for nothing else than the opportunity to discuss this extremely valuable lesson!

How do you teach these types of difficult lessons?

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  1. even if this didn’t sound great which it does… my 4 year old LOVES birds. she has favorites, for different reasons. and can identify dozens of kinds of birds. she does not get that from her mother.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this movie before but now I’m thinking I need to get it and watch it with my niece and nephew. It sounds adorable. – Katy

  3. These are very important lessons for children to learn and the earlier the better! This looks like it is a fun movie as well which helps kids to learn!

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