I’m Not Scared of Vacuuming Any More!


Years ago, I had a few things on my household wish list. A KitchenAid stand mixer and a Dyson vacuum. Hubby bought the mixer for me one Christmas but the vacuum I was on my own. He had been warned by countless husbands before him never to purchase cleaning and vacuuming items as gifts.  So I saved my pennies, rounded up coupons codes and gift cards and eventually purchased it. I was in heaven and swore up and down that it was THE vacuum to purchase. I even convinced my husband that my MIL who loves to clean would love one.

I was wrong. She hated it. Found it unwieldy and was disappointed that it ruined her new carpet. A few years ago, we installed new carpet in our basement and I was told by the owner of the floor covering company that using my Dyson would void the warranty on my new carpet. Ummm… Huh? His recommendation was to get another vacuum or use my current one on a bare floor setting. Not wanting to spend an arm and a leg on another vacuum, I’ve just been super cautious ever since. In other words, I’m afraid to vacuum.

Always on the lookout for alternatives, I was thrilled to hear that Eureka has an All Floors model that can tackle everyday messes on a variety of flooring surfaces. Considering we have 3 different pile types of carpet as well as tile (and are making plans for hardwood floors), having a vacuum that can go from one to the next to the other is just heavenly.

Walmart.com offers a variety of vacuums, including the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors model for under $100! - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPower

I headed off to Walmart to pick one up only to discover that they didn’t have one. The vacuums were all lined up nicely and the Eureka AirSpeed AS3011 would fall midway along the line. Except it didn’t. They called across town and the Walmart there only had two left in stock so one was put on hold for us. We hopped into the car and headed that way. When we arrived, we checked out the aisle and found that it was arranged completely different from our usual Walmart. Instead of vacuums arranged by price, they were grouped by brand. We found the floor model of the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors but there were none on the shelf. Thankfully, ours was at customer service.

Walmart.com offers a variety of vacuums, including the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors model for under $100! - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPower

Some assembly was required but it was easy enough that my 11 year old daughter and I were able to put it together without concern. Technically, SHE put it together while I took pictures and occasionally snapped a piece into place here or there. The materials used to construct it are lighter weight than other vacuums that I have owned but for the $100 price point, it was reasonable. The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors is a bagless model (I could never go back to one requiring a bag) and boasts that it “Cleans Carpets Better Than a Dyson DC41”. Considering I can’t USE the Dyson on new carpet without ruining it, I can’t argue with that statement one bit.

Assembly of the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors vacuum was so easy our 11 year old did it for us! #EurekaPower - SahmReviews.com

The first thing I did was test the “best in class” claim and started to vacuum the living room. It’s a low-pile berber carpet.  It’s a high traffic area and can use a good cleaning more regularly than I actually do it. We just recently purchased new furniture so it’s been vacuumed fairly recently. First, I adjusted the vacuum to account for the pile level then I messed around with turning the beater bar on and off. Those are features my other vacuum doesn’t have. Finally, I got to work. I was surprised by how much the vacuum captured anyhow. Eeks. (And the smell of a first time use… double eeks.)

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors works great on a variety of surfaces! Hence the name "All Floors" :) Using it on low pile, here. - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPowerMoving to a different flooring surface? Just turn the dial! - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPower  The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors works great on a variety of surfaces! Hence the name "All Floors" :) Using it on bare floor. - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPower
Next, I adjusted the vacuum to bare floor and noticed that it rotated closer to the ground. I turned the beater bar back off then set off to vacuum the kitchen and tile entryway. The first thing I noticed is that the Eureka AirSpeed All Floors has some grab to it. Because it has adjusted closer to the floor, it doesn’t glide as easily onto a rug or doormat. What that translates to is better ability to actually work. I scooched it up toward some dust and before I even got to it, it sucked it up. I’m positively thrilled by this because that means I don’t have to pull out some accessory to get all the way up to the wall. To get that pesky doormat, I simply reached down and adjusted the pile level and took care of the rooms adjoining the entryway.

The Eureka AirSpeed All Floors works great on a variety of surfaces! Hence the name "All Floors" :) Vacuuming high pile here. - SahmReviews.com #EurekaPower

Finally, with ease due to the lightweight material, I toted the vacuum to the basement: THE room that I perpetually fear vacuuming. Not this time. I set it on the highest pile level, turned the beater bar off for good measure then set off to suck up whatever Polly Pocket and K’Nex pieces failed to make it into their respective toy boxes.

When all was done, it was simple to pop the canister out, take it to the garage and easily empty it. I haven’t had a chance to use the attachments yet but they are all stored in nooks and crannies on the unit so I don’t have to go looking for them.

For more information on Eureka products, visit their website or catch up with them on Facebook and Twitter.

What feature of a vacuum would make you want to use it more often?

68 thoughts on “I’m Not Scared of Vacuuming Any More!

  1. That looks like a crazy powerful vacuum cleaner! I can’t believe it’s lightweight.. judging by the pics alone, I would think it’s incredibly heavy.

  2. I avoided Dyson for years because I knew they weren’t all they were cracked up to be. I’ve heard nothing but complaints from people who bought them. It’s surprising but cheaper vacuums do a better job. I used to work in a floor covering store and it’s amazing how many products on the market actually are harmful to your floors and yet, no one knows it because of the commercials.

  3. I have a 3 and 5 year old so this sounds great. My vacuum never has picked up good. LOL It is a Eureeka.

  4. Eureeka always makes me giggle as that nickname has been applied to me on many occasions over the years. Alll drawn out like Eurrrrreeeeeeeekaaaaaaaa! Lol! Anyway, great vacuums. I’m still needing to buy a new one!

  5. What an awesome vacuum! I have started teaching my kids how to vacuum their own rooms; but our current vacuum is really old, and smokes and is super heavy for them to push. I think I need to look into getting a Eureka Airspeed.

  6. I am yet to fins a vacuum cleaner that lives up to their promise. I even invested in a Dyson and was grossly disappointed. The review on this sounds great. maybe worth a try

  7. I need a vacum that is TOUGH!! My Hubs says I am hard on them, but I want my house clean so I really put them to the test. This one looks GREAT

  8. I am curious as to why using a Dyson would void your warranty on carpet. I have had mine for years and have never had an issue with any of my carpet. I am not sure what I will purchase when I get a new one, but it appears that I do not have to worry about it for awhile as mine seems to withstand anything and everything my family and animals can throw at it.

  9. This looks so great!! I love that it is so easy to put together. I hate sitting on the floor looking at everything and wondering what I’m doing!! 🙂

  10. I’ve actually never owned an Eureka before but I’m sure they work wonderfully. When mine dies though I’m getting a Dyson. I’ve always want to have one.

  11. I really want this vacuum after hearing so many great things about it. I can’t believe using a Dyson could void your warranty on your carpet, that is crazy!!

  12. Very interesting information about a Dyson. I’ve been wanting to buy one of those machines that goes by itself (I figure Abbie would love chasing it around the house when I’m not there) but you might have sold me on a Eureka!

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a Eureka Vacuum but this one sounds fantastic! I’m glad to hear the its easier to use because of the lightweight material. I hate having to put in a lot of effort to get a vacuum to move!

  14. i’m looking for a new lightweight vac for rugs. we have central vac but i’d like to find something super strong for the rugs we do have

  15. A kids friendly vacuum is the best kind! Love your review! My kids love to vacuum I love what we have now but will check this out for sure next time.

  16. That’s crazy that they would void your warranty if you used a Dyson! I have a Dyson stick vac but am looking for a full sized vacuum that works on carpet and hardwoods. This one may be it! It’s in my budget and it looks like it does a fantastic job. I much prefer lightweight vacuums over those heavy ones that I can’t lift up over door steps and stuff!

  17. I really need to invest in a new vacuum cleaner. Ours has bit the dust. A few times to many. And I am so darn picky about using the Roomba we have, that it only comes out on deep clean days. Time to go check out the Eureka.

  18. My husband makes fun of me because of my inability to build or put things together. I would love something this easy. Heck, if your 11 year old can do it, then I would think it wasn’t impossible, right?

  19. Wow, I never would have thought that a vacuum would void the warranty! It sounds like your new vacuum is amazing, and just what I need! #client

  20. I am a vacuuming fiend!! I find something so relaxing about it! I’m surprised to hear about the Dyson. I’m glad you found one that would stand up to ideal potentials!

  21. You always hear that the dyson is the best with suction, and maneuverability. Thanks for your review on this, we are on the hunt for a good vacuum since ours broke,

  22. My old vacuum I had for about 3 yrs. when’t out, So I called my daughter in law to use hers, it was the Eureka AS3011 air speed.
    Let me tell you IT IS THE BEST vacuum cleaner I had ever used!!! I called around to find the same model and My husband and I ran out and picked it up the same day.
    This little Eureka is still going strong after 4 if not 5 yrs. Like I said one of the best I have ever used!!!!!

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