We usually take Saturdays off from posting but Work From Home {with kids} recently shared about GingerMail and I think it’s a cool idea worth sharing, too. While I haven’t tried it out, I think the concept is great. Writing letters and sending cards is something I enjoy doing. There have been times when out of the blue I have sent a card to someone with a simple “Thinking of you” note. They’ve contacted me afterwards to tell me how sweet it was and unexpected. Often, they say it made their day.

Unfortunately, more often than not, I just don’t take the time to do it. It isn’t that it is too hard, it’s just that I don’t have it as a priority. GingerMail is a service that sends you beautiful cards each month so you can reach out to those you care about. The package delivery would be inspiration enough for me to open my list of contacts and actually address envelopes, adhere a stamp and send a thoughtful note.

That’s worth sharing, right? If you think this service sounds like something you might be interested in but you’re not sure you would use it, then enter the giveaway. If you win, you can see how much you like it! It doesn’t cost anything to enter!

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