I believe I’ve mentioned before I have a problem with earbuds. I can never seem to find a pair that fit the way I like them, stay in while exercising and produce good sound. At least not in my price range. On the rare occasion that I do find a decent pair, they inevitably break and the search begins again. I may have found a solution with my new Earjax Echo Bluetooth Speaker.

It looks a bit like a pepper or salt shaker, but don’t let that fool you. Its unique design is what contributes to it’s portability. Only one button to deal with:  the power button. Next to it is a status LED and microphone for when the phone rings while you’re rocking out (although I’d look a little silly talking into a table accessory). You connect to the speaker by one of two methods, either by auxiliary input or via Bluetooth.

Earjax Echo - Connecting Bluetooth

Connecting was a breeze with the iPhone discovering it in just a few seconds. Connection is confirmed on both the iPhone and by the blue LED on the speaker. Volume is controlled by turning the top in either direction, much like a pepper mill (there’s that comparison again!).

How portable is it? It’ll go just about anywhere and with the soft surface it isn’t likely to slip out and drop. Take a look at this video to see just how versatile it can be.

Another nice design touch is the ‘one wire’ concept. The same included cable charges/powers your speaker and doubles as the aux in cable. The downside is you can’t charge and play via auxiliary at the same time.

Earjax Echo - AccessoriesThe sound quality is much better than your phone speaker, which should be expected. It is missing the lows you get from good headphones but that isn’t the purpose of this unit. Portability is the focused feature and that’s where it really shines. As a nice touch Earjax also includes a silk carrying bag to protect it on the go.

Check out everything Bodyguardz has to offer (much more than just speakers) or follow them on Facebook and Twitter. I forgot to mention…the Earjax Echo is not very comfortable in my ears either…   😉

29 thoughts on “Portable Tunes with Earjax Echo

  1. I love this little speaker! It’s been used every single day since I received mine. I like using to watch movies, or play music while cleaning. I haven’t used it to answer a call yet.

  2. we absolutely need something like this. my kids won’t give me my phone at home and I miss it. but frozen’s soundtrack is on my phone and nowhere else….

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