When my daughters were born, dressing them in adorable outfits was so much fun. They have always been small for their age so they didn’t grow out of their clothes very fast. I could rotate my favorite outfits for months. For a while, I really enjoyed picking out their clothes. They’ve always let their personalities show!

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Then things began to change. My oldest daughter insisted on creating outfits that tested your ability to see. Multi-colored plaid pants mixed with a rainbow striped shirt or patterned shorts with floral shirts. She had a logical reason for her fashion statement and it all made sense once she explained it. It was so she could be at the front of the line. The teacher would call a color and if you were wearing it, you were allowed to get in line. She is older now and her teachers have more mature ways to get the kids to line up but she still dresses that way. It’s her personality.

My youngest is quite the opposite. Total fashion sense and the attitude to match. She was very young when she started picking out a few outfits to wear. Then, she would ask me if I could help her pick one out. No matter which I selected, she would wear the other. At 9, she is still doing it but I no longer give my 2¢ unless we’re going someplace where dress code matters.

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In the back of my mind, I’m thinking that it isn’t going to get any easier. There is going to come a day (sooner than I want to believe) when they’re going to need a Homecoming or Prom dress. I often wonder whether they’ll let me help pick something out or if I’ll be left out of the mix. If I’m footing the bill, I WILL have some input.

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When I was in school, I borrowed a dress from a friend. I couldn’t afford an expensive dress. Girls these days have the benefit of finding fashionable yet cheap prom dresses simply by shopping online. For that matter, evening dresses as well as ones for weddings, holidays and homecoming are also available from sites like DressFirst. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t free. It still needs to be planned but the prices are much more reasonable that what you’ll find at your local bridal shop. Seriously, a floor length prom dress for under $150? Wow.

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We’re still a few years away from needed to worry about it but it’s nice to know there are affordable options out there.

25 thoughts on “Dreaming of Prom Dresses

  1. I’m so not looking forward to that stage. Thankfully my daughter is only 4, so I have quite a few years to go before I have to worry about Prom dresses. But definitely I will have a say. She can pick out which ever one she wants as long as it’s in our price range and I deem it appropriate for the event. not too much skin showing.

  2. As you get closer to the time when they’ll need a prom dress you’ll wonder how it happened so quickly! We’re heading in the home stretch as my daughter is a high school senior and I it’s like I blinked and she is all grown up!

  3. Aww what cuties!! We don’t have any kids, but I know parents always say before they know it their kids are all grown up. I have found each year seems to fly by faster and faster!!

  4. I have been through the prom dress stage and it was interesting for sure. I think shopping online at dress first would have been much easier.

  5. OY VEY. My daughter is 16 and already talking about Prom. I just want to crawl into a hole and hide. LOL! Your daughters are so adorable! I am going to have to start looking for prom dresses soon, thanks for the resource!

  6. Sob! My daughter has a while to get to that point too but she’s growing so fast , I’m afraid to blink! It’s nice to see there are affordable options out there.

  7. i’m terrified to shop with my girls. i did laugh out loud at your daughter who wore all the colors. i have 2 girls who ‘d do that.

    my son will just wear “noisy pants” and couldn’t care less about anything else

  8. Oh my! Your girls are soooo adorable! And so girly!!!! How wonderful…. Prom-dresses are such a fairytale for girls (and moms……) Good times……………..

  9. I love your first girl’s fashion sense and the fact that you are letting her be her own person. I’m sure she will have a great future ahead when she finds her own road. As will your little fashionista 🙂

  10. My daughter is at the prom dress stage now. Cherish when they are small because it passes SO fast. I laughed when people used to tell me that.

  11. I am with you. There were no inexpensive options when I went prom shopping. I went way before the internet and discount sales. I cringe to think of how much we spent.

  12. My daughter is only a year old and I am already worried about buying clothes when she is a teenager! At least there are affordable options out there – good to know!

  13. My daughter has a lot more years yet to come as well to worry about prom dress, but she does have an eye for fashion, she loves picking out her own clothes and dresses already, and she prefers dresses and skirts over pants or shorts. Great site with great affordable variety.

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