Maybe it’s just my age… Maybe it’s the fact that once the kids were born, I could not longer remember anything. It seems that my brain is filled with nonsensical (yet important) kid-related information about just about everything. Yet I’m always amazed when DH is able to rattle off details about anything I ask him about no matter how long ago it may have been relevant to him.

As an example, I asked him the other day about the Far Cry video game series. His response was “I have the first one. I just couldn’t play it when the kids were around. I was like “We own the first one?” I seriously need to inventory our video games.

So that’s what I did. I went to the game cabinet and looked inside. I’ll be… there one was. Far Cry Instincts Predator. It was in the front stack. I didn’t even bother to dig back to find the older ones.

Who knew?

Apparently DH did. He has a memory like an elephant. I should have just asked him how many in the series he owns.

Anyway… you’re probably wondering what brought this up. An email from a friend sharing some exciting news! Today’s Gold Box Deal of the Day at Amazon is Far Cry 3! At $34.99, it’s 42% off! This #FarCryGold deal is available on the XBox360, PS3, PC and PC Download. But it’s only today so if this game is on your wish list, you need to head there now to grab a copy!

I’m certain DH will enjoy his new game – I just have to remember to add it to my (soon to be created) inventory list of video games! Please share how you sort, store and inventory your games.

For more information and videos on Far Cry, visit their website or follow them on your social media outlet of choice: Twitter, Facebook, G+ or YouTube. You can even join the Far Cry discussion in the Ubisoft forum!

1 thought on “Far Cry 3: Head to Gold Box Today!

  1. Sounds like your DH is the opposite of mine. We always joke that our kids are going to be able to get away with murder by saying, "But Dad, you promised!" And he won't remember if he did or didn't. My poor honey…

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