The holidays are wonderful but there’s no debating the fact that holidays and stress tend to go hand in hand. Everyone is busy. Things are hectic. Before you know it, time has ticked away and you haven’t a clue what holiday gifts you’re giving to the people you’re closest to.

It should be easy since you know these people so well, right? Wrong. It’s not. It never is easy. At least not for me. I tend to miss the dropped hints and even when I do hear them, my memory fails me and I forget. Or I get in a rut and go back for the same ideas over and over.

So when the ads come out with ideas, I glance over them and try to pick what I think is a good fit. It helps some. But holiday gift guides put together by people I respect work even better. Here’s a perfect example… Audrey and Vera from Getting Gorgeous (whom I totally admire) put together a Holiday Gift Guide.

The holiday e-guide isn’t just a list of things they like… it’s an explanation of why they like them! This personalized approach offering a little commentary and real-world information for how or why this would be a good gift makes all the difference. Magazines and newspapers put together guides but they usually don’t offer such a personal perspective. Holiday shopping is easier when you’re able to see yourself or your gift recipient using the products.

There are quite a few products listed in the guide but also a number of recipes and tips to help you navigate your way through the holidays. Holiday trends for your home, DIY crafts, beauty tips, fashion trends and more. This isn’t just a guide about products and services, it’s about helping you be prepared for the holidays.

There are even exclusive coupon codes, links to special savings and FREE shipping inside. That’s right. The gift guide includes more than just info, it includes ways to save!

Curious what is inside? Well, you’ll have to just check it out. Just click on the photo and flip through it like a magazine. Here is a list of some brands that you may be familiar with… Pepperidge Farms, Nivea, Tyson, Colgate and Starbucks. Plus a few that you may be hearing more about – like Rio Soul and OtterBox!

I recently purchased a new iPhone5 so I was excited to see the new OtterBox cases mentioned in the e-Guide. Not only are they durable but they’re fashionable,  too.  They come in a variety of colors and even camo. In the gift guide, Vera outlines some pluses of the OtterBox cases for the iPhone5. I value Vera’s input but I was way ahead of her on that one.  I had already ordered one before I even saw the guide! Yay me for feeling kind of in style!

As soon as I get mine, you’ll be hearing all about what I thought of it. My experience with other OtterBox products has been very positive. We had one on our iPad before we upgraded to a newer version. They’re durable and protected our iPad during a lot of travel! When we upgraded, we gave it to a friend of ours who has two boys that tote their dad’s iPad EVERYWHERE. They totally needed it!  OtterBox is one of those gifts that is perfect for someone who is active. You can wrap a present that wraps up their technology all safe and snug.

But like I said, you’ll hear about OtterBox later. For now, take a minute to check out the great tips and the great products listed in the #HolidayGuide. Just don’t forget to read the commentary… it isn’t commercial advertising, it’s well-thought, real opinions from some great people. Some real people who are just like you and I… struggling to find the perfect gift.

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