Light on Calories – Not on Flavor

Light on Calories – Not on Flavor


I’m less than five pounds from my goal weight. Although it may seem like it has been a long process, since we aren’t dieting and are simply changing our habits, I couldn’t expect it to melt away fast.  Well, I could, but that wouldn’t be reasonable now, would it?

Our new food choices include a lot healthier options than before but as I’ve said before, we don’t exclude snacks.  Actually, we don’t exclude anything, really.  We limit what we have and make better choices.

As an example, tonight for dinner we had salmon, a large salad, potato and bacon soup and fruit. This is pretty normal for us. Last night, we had tilapia, baked cabbage, clam chowder and fruit. We have healthy portions of fish and vegetables then smaller portions of soup and fruit. On days where we have beef, pork or chicken, we have smaller portions and up the size of the vegetables and sides. The girls tell us they are enjoying eating healthier but tonight they reminded us that they love having soup as part of dinner.

We currently have a small stock of Progresso Light soups in our pantry.  The label claims a can is two servings at 100 calories each. However, we divide it equally between the four of us and bask in the glow of a meager 50 calories for a lot of flavor.  Tonight, DH decided to jazz up like at the restaurants so he sprinkled bacon bits on top.  Yum.

We try to mix up the meals a bit serving two vegetables at many meals, but with the weather turning colder and the fresh produce starting to disappear, soups were a nice substitution. The girls are perfectly happy having a dinner of soup but that doesn’t exactly fit into our meal plan.  By adding it as a side, we give variety to our meal using soups that complement the rest of what we’re eating.

What about you? Do you prefer soup as a meal or as a side? Have you tried the Progresso Light Soups yet? Well, here’s your chance to win a gift pack which includes soup-er stuff! <Giveaway Closed>

For more information on Progresso products, check out their website or find them on Facebook. You can print a coupon here then hop over to the website and grab a different one!


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4 comments on «Light on Calories – Not on Flavor»

  1. Shawn says:

    I would love to try the light chicken pot pie.


  2. Terra H. says:

    Light Chicken & Dumpling

  3. Tabathia says:

    The chicken pot pie and the zesty sante fe style chicken

  4. Max Power says:

    Potato Bacon & Cheese please!

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