It’s no secret that I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’ve been pretty busy and finding time to blog has been difficult.  Aside from part time and freelance work, I’ve been focusing on my health and my weight which includes exercising more diligently and eating better. Among some of my recent posts, I’ve mentioned health, fitness and food.

Well, I’m ready to tell you about yet another tool in my weight loss arsenal.  Let me sweeten the deal by saying that I’ll be wrapping up this post with details on a giveaway. And when I say SWEETEN, I mean it literally!

MyFitnessPal has been key to our success.  It’s an app on our iPhones but also accessible from our iPads and the computer.  It’s a full-blown community with tools that help us log not only our food but also our exercise.  Best part is that it’s easy. We log our food on our phones simply by scanning the UPC or searching. Very seldom do we find a food that isn’t already in their database.  Participating in blog projects sometimes means I receive items before they hit the shelves but even in many of those situations, the product is already in MyFitnessPal somehow!

I’ve said it a ton of times before – One of my biggest weaknesses is that I like to snack. Sometimes I crave salty snacks while other times I want sugary.  We’ve made sure we have lots of options around the house to help us when we need something.  We stock beef sticks, crab sticks, fruit and for chocolate attacks, Fiber One 90 calorie brownies. Aside from the fact that they are a decent calorie count, they taste awesome!  We have chocolate chip flavored ones in the cabinet right now but we’ve tried several flavors and haven’t found one we didn’t like.

Trying to stay on track is hard but when you outfit yourself with tools like MyFitnessPal and make healthy snack options, it is possible to lose weight without feeling deprived.  It’s been 400 days since we changed our eating habits and we’re still going strong.  Our meals are healthier than ever before, our bodies in better shape and our attitudes about health and fitness strong.

To help you get (or stay) on track, I’m offering this great prize pack!  It’s a fun little kit that includes a box of Fiber One 90 calorie brownies, a lunch-sized tote bag, a water bottle, a stress ball, ear buds and a little can of “turf” for your desk. My kids laid claim to the water bottle, I hid the lunch-sized tote bag so I don’t have to share it and he brownies went into the cabinet. (Right after I opened it and ate one. Yum!)

2 thoughts on “Healthy Snacking Options

  1. When you reach for the snack….stop and ask yourself if you're really HUNGRY or not. If not, try and replace the snacking with drinking water. It was painful my first week, but I'm much better at it now and the weight is starting to come off finally! If you MUST snack, don't have unhealthy or high calorie options in your house or at work. Make trade off's….every little

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