Picture this.

You are (anywhere in your house)…

Your phone is (where you are not)…

…and it rings.

…and you RUN to find it then answer it before voicemail or the answering machine gets it.

For those of us that remember, there was a time when our phone was attached to the wall – or connected by a long cord. I recall as a kid many times being outside somewhere on our 10-acre property and hearing the phone ring. I would sprint to grab the phone before the caller gave up. Yes, that was well before answering machines.  You always had a chance at getting it on the 15th or so ring because people gave you time to get to the phone. At some point, phones became cordless and the dash was to grab the cordless only to discover it had lost it’s charge and you had to find one of the connected phones – or worse, the caller hung up.

Today, many of us have multiple cordless phones around our homes coupled with cell phones. Many people have completely ditched the landline and survive solely on their cell phones.  Whatever the case, when the phone rings, the dash is usually to FIRST locate the phone THEN answer it before the call goes to voicemail.  With only one phone, a cell, you only have one shot.

Things are about to change though.

The Good Call iG1 JUST launched to the public on their website today. It is a docking station with a Bluetooth enabled handset that looks and feels like a traditional landline handset. It’s easy to hold and you can pace about without worrying about your cheek disconnecting the call. (You can tell me you’ve never done that but I won’t believe you.)  One of the neatest things about it is that you can sync more than one phone to it at a time. Hubby and I both had our iPhones connected and since the handset utilizes the iPhone designated ringtone, we easily knew who the phone was for. As a bonus, you can sync an iPad, iTouch or other brand of Bluetooth enabled phone.

I used it to chat on Skype yesterday and it worked like a charm. Crystal clear according to the person I was talking to.  If you’re worried about your battery losing the charge from the ever-popular “Bluetooth sucks up battery life” problem then just dock your iPhone on the station while you’re talking on the phone and it will charge while you talk.  Have your phone cased?  No problem. The docking station is wide enough to fit most cases, including OtterBox and even my wallet case!  Position this in a central part of your house or office that gets good reception and dock your phone then use the handset to move about your space.

I’m excited to be helping GoFusion and members of Collective Bias‘ Social Fabric community share the word about the Good Call product launch.  I received a phone so I would be able to field questions from participants but I’m under no obligation to post about it. However, this is such a ground-breaking product that I just couldn’t help myself.  There are so many great features that this post would be ridiculously long if I went into all of them so I’ll just focus on a few…

You can dial out from your handset using voice commands or using Siri… or you can dial out from your phone then switch to the handset.  Someone call in but you’re closer to your phone than the handset?  Answer your phone then switch to the handset.  It’s very versatile for both home or office. You could even take the handset in the car if you’re going to be on a road trip and prefer the comfort of a handset to your actual phone. This is a perfect option for passengers.

The only think I don’t like about this handset is that while it is sleek and comfortable for holding, I had a tough time shouldering it because it was sooo sleek. (But I hail from an office that had those big ol’ padded cushions that attached to regular phones to keep them on your shoulder. You know, pre-office-headpiece so I’m kind of old school like that.)  But it sure does look purdeeee, doesn’t it?

If you think you would be interested in one of these units, stop by the Good Call website where you can be among the first to get one.  Like I said, it JUST launched to the public today.


If you’re someone that finds yourself constantly using your cell phone – whether for work or personal, because you’ve ditched your landline or are just constantly on the move – then the Good Call iG1 is something you should check out.  Having a handset for your cell phone feels much more normal than walking around with an earpiece on!

…and you’ll be among the first to be part of the latest evolution in the phone dash.

For more information about Good Call, check out their website or find them on one of their Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube).

4 thoughts on “Evolution of the Phone Dash

  1. Does it have a speaker phone option as well? I know that on the iPhone you can do speakerphone but sometimes it's not loud enough. This seems like a cool product thanks for writing about it 🙂

  2. @Mel – It doesn't have a speaker option (that I've discovered, anyhow) but maybe a future version will include that. I know they're rolling out colors, too!

    @Barbara – You're welcome!

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