I love watches. There, I said it. For as far back as I can recall, I have always enjoyed wearing some type of watch on my wrist.

I grew up in the multiple-watches-on-one-arm Swatch era, and while I don’t recall sporting more than one at a time, I did have my favorite blue Alexander Julian ‘Colors’ plastic watch. To this day, I still possess it, tucking it away in the original plastic sliding case it originally came in. Probably time to change the battery though.

Before that, I pined for a calculator watch (this was in the late 70’s). Not because they were dressy-cool, they were just COOL! You could have a calculator on your arm! I mean, who wouldn’t want that?! Santa never brought me one, but he did bring me my first (and only) digital watch, a sleek black plastic LCD job with bright red numbering. The brand escapes me, but it served me very well throughout grade school.

Fast-forward to today, over 30 years later. My taste in watches has changed, but the love for them just grows stronger. I have seen many digital watches over the years, but always reverted to some type of mechanical or quartz watch. Even today, when most people just check their cell phones for the time, I always check my wrist first. Now, with my new watch, I have more reason to look at it.

Thanks to SahmReviews.com, I was selected to try out a new Casio Pathfinder watch on a long-term basis. I have been wearing this watch almost daily for the past 6+ months and can honestly say it has become one of my favorite sport-type watches to date.

Like any typical male, I threw it on my wrist, completely ignoring any documentation that accompanied it. Look, “I don’t need no stinkin’ manual”. Yep, I was wrong. Look at this thing!

The manual is nearly 3/4″ thick! If I were 10 years older, I’d probably need reading glasses to read the small type. Lest you think that this is an oversight on Casio’s part, rest assured, this watch does so much that all the instructions packed into the book are needed!

Just look at all these features:

  • Tells the time and date (duh)
  • Solar-powered w/battery indicator
  • Lighted display
  • Alarm
  • Keeps time via Radio Controlled Atomic Timekeeping
  • Digital Compass
  • Barometer/Thermometer
  • Altimeter
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times
  • Check times in multiple timezones
  • Stopwatch
  • Does your dishes and laundry (not – just seeing if you’re still paying attention)

Now you see why I ended up pulling out the instruction manual – there’s just so much it can do – and it does them all very well.

My only concern was the size of the watch – it is a staggering 50mm diameter (edge-to-edge) and is right at about 1cm thick! But, thanks to a great design, it is extremely comfortable, even for those with smaller wrists.

This Pathfinder is now my go-to watch for everyday wear. After over six months of use, it has held up extraordinarily well – much better than some of my other watches that were double the price. And while it doesn’t have a calculator, I finally have a digital watch that is COOL to wear!

Pathfinder watches are available on Amazon or at a store near you.

10 thoughts on “How Many Watches is too Many? ∞

  1. You have got to be freakin’ kidding me!?! That manual would so have made me put it back into the box an return it. It’s a very cool watch, I just don’t have that kind of patience. And I doubt that I would use but a handful of things that it can do. We’re back to the manual…I am a visual person and if they had a video that would help, but it would probably be 100 hours long. And I’m back to the store returning it. LOL! They make some of the BEST watches and my hubby would FLIP for this one manual and all I know!! Cannot wait to tell him about it so he can look it up! Great review!

  2. My husband doesn’t own a watch and I do, but the battery is probably dead because I never use it LOL. This one you have sounds pretty sweet, though.

  3. THAT is the manual? WOW!! My hubby would love this watch though it has all the features he likes in his current watch. You will LOVE the solar battery! It is awesome!

  4. When I went into the hospital to have my son I took off my watch and I haven’t consistently put one on since. He’s about to turn 8 so I think it’s “time” I put it back on.

  5. I had Swatches too, but I forgot all about the fad where you wore more than one. This is a quite a watch with great features. I’m not sure I’d get thru the manual though

  6. I would need a magnifier to read that manual! Just yesterday when my computer got corrupted by some virus or another and I spent 7 hours on the phone getting it all better with a tech guy (thankfully I had paid for service from this company) I had to read the product code on one of the CD’s–I will not tell you how long it took me, and how many times I got the numbers, letters wrong! It does sound like a watch that would be able to help you with any situation (once it was set-up).

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