The other day, DH posted a message on Facebook that really made me feel old. He mentioned “Back to the Future” (released in 1985) and how they went ALL THE WAY BACK to 1955. I remember how it seemed like the olden days because 1955 was 15 years before I was born and to a teenager, that’s a really long time.Well, the reason that DH’s comment made me feel old was because after he talked about “Back to the Future” he mentioned a new movie coming out called Hot Tub Time Machine. They travel all…the…way…back…to………1986! I watched the trailer and laughed. That is, until I recognized the hair, the clothes and the music. When a movie way-back machine lands the characters smack in the middle of my high school years, I think I have a right to feel old.

And if I kept all my stuff from then, apparently I would be in style.


For sure.

As part of a campaign for BuzzParadise, I was asked to share information about Usher’s “DADDY’S HOME” with CARRERA. In the video, Usher is sporting a pair of Endurance sunglasses by Carrera – glasses that were inspired by the 1980’s. I watched… and recognized the glasses… and felt an instant flashback to my younger days.

Check it out:

Regardless of our age, we want to look good – in whatever style we call our own. If your style is the current retro, be sure to check out the vintage collection at Carrera.com!

As for me… I’m going to start digging through boxes in the basement until I find my collection of high school keepsakes. I’ll totally be in style… totally tubular.

2 thoughts on “Back to… the 80’s

  1. Everything old is new again. I remember when I was a child of the 80's, that there was a mini fifties revival. Does anyone remember the stray cats and their retro rockabilly style of dress and music?
    I am not surprised that the 80's music and fashion is back. The sunglasses I get, but why do ice washed jeans and stirrups have to make a comeback?

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