Miss K just turned 5 this past week. As I tucked her in the night before, she said “I’m going to be bigger tomorrow.” “You sure will be, Honey. You’ll be 5!” We said our good-nights and I looked forward to wishing her happy birthday in the morning.

DH and I picked up one of her favorite treats (Chili’s Boneless Sweet Chili Glazed Wings) and headed to have lunch with her at school.

But she baffled us and wouldn’t eat. Overwhelmed, I thought. Instead, she looked at me all sad and said “I’m the same size.” It took only a second for me to understand what she meant but DH didn’t hear her completely and asked “What do you mean?” She held up her hands and said “I didn’t get any bigger today.” It broke my heart because I only recently retired some of her 18 month pants that I could no longer say were ‘capri’ pants. They fit her waist but they are much too short.

But I’m a fan of shopping only when I have to or when the price is just right. We shop at garage sales for used clothing, but often find great deals at stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s when we’re looking for new clothes.

When one of my public relations agents asked if I wanted to prepare a “Back to School” clothes shopping review of either T.J. Maxx or Marshall’s, I laughed because we’re frequent shoppers at both – for the kids, for DH, for me and as gifts.

Well, I received a $25 gift card to shop at T.J. Maxx so we told Miss K that she could pick what she wanted. Away we went…

After perusing the entire store and trying on multiple items, we were ready to check out with 11 items – 3 for Miss K, 2 for me, 4 for hubby and 2 for a friend and her fast-growing teenage son.  Grand total?  Hold onto your hat… $36 before tax.

Funny part is that the three items for Miss K accounted for more than half the total bill.  Two dresses and a two piece outfit. that weren’t on clearance – still, those items were only $19.  Because the purpose of the promotion was “Back to School” we felt that we needed to spend the $25 gift card on just Miss K.  (We gave Miss M the $25 Marshall’s gift card that is actually part of a separate review.) Miss K desperately wanted matching shoes, but TJ Maxx does not offer shoes for children or men.

Aside from Miss K’s purchases, the rest were all clearance items at $1, $2 and $3!  By shopping when there are bargains, and not necessarily scheduling shopping trips, I’m able to capitalize on those clearance deals.  The clothes at T.J. Maxx are name brand and the original ticket prices are well more than what we paid.  I’ve never had to check the label for “irregular” and have never had an item that had some kind of hidden flaw.  $36 couldn’t buy 1 item at many stores but bought 11 items for us at T.J. Maxx.

Now, I said I was reviewing TJ Maxx as part of their “Back to School” promotion.  Honestly, for us, “Back to School” is when we shop for school supplies not clothes.  But for people who make clothing shopping part of their back to school routine, a store like T.J. Maxx is a great place to get name brand clothes at discount store prices.

If you haven’t shopped at a T.J. Maxx before, be sure to stop in.  It’s one of those places where consistently dropping in for a quick look can pay big dividends.  Some days you won’t buy anything (although we usually walk out with at least something) then BOOM, one day you walk out with 11 items for under $40.

Thanks to T.J. Maxx for the opportunity to let Miss K add 3 adorable new outfits to her wardrobe!  She looks great and had a ball on her shopping spree!

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