I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t underestimate my kids.  Miss M is half way through 6 and Miss K is almost 5.  They’re still little but I push them to be independent doing things that I think they should – like making their bed or using the bathroom.  I’m always there to help if really necessary, but I constantly try to reinforce that they need to learn to do things by themselves.

Sometimes I feel like I’m not being a good mom and I’m too anxious for them to grow up.  Then something happens and I realize that they really are big enough to get something to drink or make their own simple breakfast.  Other kids their age with older siblings have been doing those things for quite a while!  Part of it is me clinging to the idea that they need me and the other part is them wanting my attention.

During our last few vacations to visit my brother-in-law, the kids have watched in total interest (and danced) as the adults sat clicking and strumming to Guitar Hero and Rock Band for the Wii.  As many times as Miss M would ask, we would tell her that it wasn’t something she could play.  It’s too hard and the components are too large for her to reach and play appropriately.

But when our Guitar Hero on Tour: Modern Hits package arrived, I realized that I wasn’t giving them enough credit.  Both Miss M and Miss K gravitated to them.  Each equipped their own DS with a version of Guitar Hero and the adapter and set off on their musical journey.  It only took a few tries before Miss M had the concept down pat and was clicking away like a pro.  “Mom! I got 74 percent! Think I’ll try medium next.”

Miss K, on the other hand, wasn’t quite as successful but never gave up trying.  She focused on hitting the color keys then just randomly strummed the pick.  She hit enough of the notes that it made it entertaining for her.  As she practices, she gets better, too.

After both girls had a chance to get acclimated to the game, I introduced them to the multi-player feature.  Yes, my 6 year old and 4 year old had dueling DS guitars.  With a Guitar Hero game in each DS, the girls could pick which set of music they wanted and that daughter would be the host.  If they got tired of the music, they would switch.  It was very easy and I even had a few turns at playing against Miss M.  Although I’ve only played the Guitar Hero console game once, I found myself doing very well and really enjoyed it.  Some of the music wasn’t quite my style but the girls absolutely love both the Modern Hits one and the Decades one.  The key seems to be continuing to play so you can open up more (and better) songs.

In the interest of getting a few good pictures, I kept asking Miss M to look at the camera.  When she tried, she messed up and I was quickly reprimanded.  “See Mom! I can’t look at you when I’m strumming.”  If you buy Guitar Hero On Tour: Modern Hits, don’t expect to get your child’s attention unless it is in between sets.

DH has Guitar Hero: Aerosmith for the XBox360 and he’s been playing it lately.  The other day, while watching a preview before Ice Age, a song came on (Eye of the Tiger, I think). Miss K loudly chimed in with “Hey. That’s from Guitar Hero!”I didn’t think the girls were old enough to play a game as advanced as Guitar Hero – but this experience has proven that they are capable of more than I realize.

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