Sex Sells but That’s Not Me

Welcome to SAHM Reviews, HP (and @HPCheer)!  If you are reading this, then you’re here to find out why I think I deserve the HP Mini Vivienne Tam edition.Since it’s your product, you already know what it looks like… but since my readers probably don’t, I’m including a picture.  Oh yeah, and because it’s one of the contest requirements.  (Hey SAHM Reviews readers – see that clutch purse the runway models are carrying?  It’s actually a mini notebook!  Cute, isn’t it?)

Why do I deserve it over the other tons of entries in the Valentine’s contest?  Because I’m going to blog a review about it?  Nope.  Because people check out my blog for fashion or computer advice?  Not even.  Because I’m a blabber-mouth and everyone I know will see and hear all about my cute little HP notebook-in-disguise?  Absolutely.

You see, not only am I an early adopter (was on eBay back in 1997 when it was still in beta, ‘Skippy’ manually edited the pages and the servers were named after reptiles) but I totally get word-of-mouth marketing.  It’s me and I live it.  BzzAgent was one of the first companies to harness WoM marketing – and I’ve been an agent since 2003, landing on the BzzAgent Top 100 list and working my way up to the #15 spot in 2008.  I have since started working with other companies like BuzzParadise, BuzzSponge, HouseParty, MyBlogSpark, One2One Network, Pssst, SheSpeaks and Vocalpoint.

My blog is simply an extension of my Word of Mouth marketing experience.  I love talking to people.  And unlike a blog, I’m interactive!  I’m friendly and approachable so when people see me walking around with my HP clutch, they aren’t afraid to ask me about it.  They know I will stop and talk to them about it.  So when I’m waiting at soccer or swim practice.  Or working out at the gym.  Or if I’m on a playdate.  You can bet that I’ll be talking about it.  Just like on my blog, I’m open and honest.

Which brings me back to my blog – yes, I will talk about your products here.  I’ll create a nice story around them just like I do with all my other reviews.  How about a comparison to my 11 year old HP 620LX?!  I’m proud of the number of followers and subscribers that I’ve built up, it’s growing daily and I believe it’s because of my style of writing.  I’m not a copy/paste kind of person… my reviews are stories and not sales pitches.So… to sum it up – I could talk about how sexy it is and how good it would make me look but that’s just not my thing.  I am a mom.  I am real. I am approachable.  I get Word of Mouth marketing both on my blog and in real life.

and I would look adorable carrying it around.

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