Are You Leaving the Coupons at Home?


Have you ever been to the store and when you got home you realized you had a coupon for something you just bought?  Yeah, me too.  I hate it.  Makes me feel like I’m throwing money away.  It may only be 35 cents off but I do it so often that it feels like a waste.

When I received the invitation from MomCentral to join the Priority Club blog tour, I said to myself:

Me: “I’m a member of that.  You know, the hotel frequent flier program.  Sure, I’ll participate.”

MomCentral email: “…earn points through spending that can be used with partnered hotels, airlines and hundreds of online retailers including Old Navy, Target and Barnes & Noble.”

Me (scowling):  “Did I just read that correctly?  I can earn credits on my hotel Priority Club by shopping online at not-hotel stuff?”

Priority Club website:  “Earn Priority Club points from the comfort of your home or office!  Priority Club Rewards Shopping is the easy way to earn bonus points on things you buy everyday. Enjoy convenient shopping from your home or office, with your favorite merchants including, Circuit City,, JCPenney, Apple Store and more.”

Me:  “Grrr.  All this time I thought it was just for hotels.”It isn’t limited to online shopping though.  You can earn points for many more things – select car rentals, newspaper subscriptions, dining, cruises, wireless service and more.

Sometimes we go through life missing out on several types of discounts and coupons.Thanks to MomCentral for pointing out that Priority Club Rewards is more than just the hotel rewards program that I originally signed up for so many years ago.  If you plan on shopping online or traveling for the holidays, it’s free to sign up at Priority Club.  Start earning points to spend on hotels and travel later on!  Don’t leave the coupon on the table at home.

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