Once you get past the toothpaste shrapnel, it’s great

I love getting stuff to review because it opens my eyes to new companies and products. As part of a blog tour through Family Review Network, I received an Oral-B Vitality Toothbrush.  To be completely honest, I didn’t realize I was going to be receiving one but I’m certainly not going to complain.  My parents both use Oral-B electric toothbrushes and love them. 

I currently use a high-end sonic toothbrush and thought that I would find myself comparing it to what I’ve been using.  I didn’t feel I could give a fair review to one that is a fraction of the cost: at under $20, the Oral-B Vitality is a great deal for an electric toothbrush!  Instead, I asked my friend, Janet, who is still living in the dark ages and using a manual toothbrush to try it out. 

Well, I believe it was a good choice because Janet was able to provide some awesome feedback.  Since this is her first time using an electric toothbrush, she had to overcome some typical user errors first.  As she recounted her first use, I just laughed.  She said that the brush head is small and that she couldn’t fit much toothpaste onto it… realizing that she uses more than she really needs when she uses her manual toothbrush.  But the comical part came when she turned it on.  Before putting it in her mouth.  If you are like me, those of you who have an electric toothbrush are probably envisioning the first time you made the same mistake – toothpaste shrapnel all over the mirror, the faucet and sink.  We’ve all been there, Janet.

As for the actual use, Janet had a lot of great things to say about the Oral-B Vitality toothbrush.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s very “easy to use”.  The shape and design allows it to fit nicely in your hand yet providing ease of disassembly for cleaning.  There are “lots of options for head choice” and the “motion is just right.”  Many people don’t realize that two minutes is the recommended amount of time to brush your teeth.  Well, the Oral-B Vitality saves you the trouble of figuring out how long to brush with it’s built-in timer!  Finally, Janet said the fact it is “rechargeable is a wonderful feature…charge lasts about 20 minutes which is about 5 days worth of use.”  People who travel short periods of time can pop it in their suitcase without worrying about packing the charger.

The only thing Janet didn’t particularly like was having to keep it near an outlet for recharging as opposed to being able to throw it into a drawer or cupboard.  She also felt that it was a little hard on her teeth and gums but thought that may have been because she was pressing too hard or not brushing correctly.  She followed that up by saying “The more I use it the easier this is becoming.”  She finished her evaluation by saying “Overall I like it, but it takes getting used to when you’re used to hand brushing.” 

PhotobucketI’ll agree with Janet on that – switching to an electric toothbrush does take some getting used to.  It’s financially a bit more at the beginning, but pays off when your dentist comments on how little build-up there is as a result of brushing with an electric toothbrush.   An Oral-B toothbrush is a great gift for anyone on your Christmas list (just make sure you tell them it isn’t any kind of a hint about their current hygiene habits!)

On a side note:  If you’re a fan of The Biggest Loser, check out Jillian Michaels, an Oral-B spokesperson, at Oral-B Power to the People.

Thanks to Family Review Network and Oral-B for this review opportunity!

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