Even Polly Pocket likes Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc


One of my current BzzAgent campaigns is for Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc Containers. The BzzKit came at a bad time and I put it in the cabinet and honestly forgot about it until today when I was telling my MIL about my various BzzCampaigns.So I pulled the kit out of the cabinet and handed her one of the samples provided while I surveyed the other. It’s a medium round (1 Quart) Twist ‘n Loc container. The sides are clearly marked with cup and ml measurements. Considering it is dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe – it would make a perfect container for leftovers. It would also be very useful for ‘sack’ lunches brought to an office. The locking lid relieves any worries about it spilling en route to work! My MIL thought it was the perfect size for soup for two which made me think that it would be great for picnics!

As we were talking, 3 year old Miss K woke up from her nap and was anxious to get busy opening her new Polly Pockets that Grammy gave to her before her nap. I stopped my Ziploc conversation and started opening Polly Pockets. Anyone that has opened one of these multi-piece-vacuum-cleaner-chaos sets knows how you end up with all the scraps of packaging and rubber bands that hold it all together – mixed together with umpteen little bitty pieces of toy. Since I had my Ziploc sitting next to me, I carefully put all the Polly Pocket jewelry, shoes, purses and clothes inside the Ziploc container and all the garbage in a separate pile. Heaven forbid that I misplace a miniature piece of anything and it end up in the garbage. When I was done, I threw away the trash and carried the Ziploc container over to Miss K. Her response “Mom! What a great idea!” Then she promptly confiscated my Twist ‘n Loc and added all her other Polly Pocket stuff to it.

Alright, so it’s really just a nice Ziploc container that locks. Not really any frills to it so I’m not going to fluff it up. Here’s the overview:


  • Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc containers are available in 2 cup and 4 cup varieties
  • Dishwasher/Microwave/Freezer safe
  • Locking lid prevents spills
  • Visible measuring labels (Appear to be part of the mold so they won’t disappear over time)
  • Durable enough for a potluck but not so expensive that you freak out if you leave it behind


  • My MIL said the lid was large and might be a concern for people with arthritis.


  • These containers are great for scrapbookers or crafters – for storing all that stuff!
  • Useful for repackaging snacks to keep the pantry organized.

I could keep listing things but that sure seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? As I said, it’s a container so how much help do you really need figuring out what to use it for? If you want reliable, inexpensive, locking containers – check out Ziploc Twist ‘n Loc containers!

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