Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Neotopia by Arcane Wonders

I have such a weakness for games that have elements of puzzle to them. Neotopia from Arcane Wonders may not look like it, but it is. You’re building patterns across various sections of the board, matching to your cards. We included Neotopia at the very top of our very first gift guide this year so that should tell you what we think of this company and its products. We hope the early lead-time allowed you to grab copies for people on your wish list or added it to your own for others to get you. By now, you probably know whether that wish was fulfilled or not. If it wasn’t, here’s your chance to win a copy. And if it was, enter anyhow and gift it to someone else!

Holiday Giveaway 2023 – Neotopia Game

19 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2023 – Neotopia by Arcane Wonders

  1. Theme, artwork/table presence. mechanics, and player count are what drives me to consider purchasing. (At least for larger games.) For smaller games, player count, ease of teach/play, and game length drive me.

  2. Theme is big for me. Other people recommending it. The components, especially miniatures I can co-opt for other purposes (like my D&D game).

  3. Recommendation of others. I like card games(over dice), I like good design, but fun to play with friends is of the utmost importance.

  4. Several elements draw me to a game. A few would be recommendations by others, theme, fun to play, number of players, etc.

  5. Interesting theme, nice artwork, quality of the components, and uniqueness from other games I own are the elements that make me try a game.

  6. The attributes for me buying a certain game are the ages of the players – Does it sound interesting or fun to play or is it easy or hard (especially for the age group)?! I do like colorful illustrations on the game. A big factor for me is would the game be fun to play again and again??

  7. I am selective in what themes I will play and in length of gameplay. Recommended ages is becoming more important as my grandkids become more of who I play with

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