Wishing All of You a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from SahmReviews.com!

It’s normal for each Thanksgiving to look different from the prior. Last year was our first Thanksgiving as empty nesters, but we were grateful that Madison and her boyfriend were still able to join us with extended family. This year, however, they’re both spending time with their boyfriends’ families and that’s okay. We love that they find comfort and happiness with others.

We’ve had a lot to be thankful about over the past year. Scott’s game, boop (commissionable link), earned Game of the Year at Origins Game Fair along with a Mensa Select designation. Yes, THAT Mensa. He admired that award as a kid and now he’s in really good company by creating a game that made the list! He also earned the distinction of Game Innovator of the Year at People of Play’s Toy & Game International Excellence Awards (The TAGIEs). Both Hues and Cues and boop are being translated into other languages and we’re seeing his creations bring joy to people across the globe.

Scott’s game design work and my volunteer commitments in the game industry have meant less time for our website and readers. We are happy to dedicate some time to creating holiday content including our gift guides and holiday giveaways this season and are thankful to all the sponsors who have provided prizes for our reader giveaways and support for our annual charity drive. I’m also thrilled with the content that Brody and Lauren have been able to create to bring fresh voices to SAHM Reviews! They’ve been doing an amazing job and we hope you’ve enjoyed their content.

I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that we should be thankful for our health this Thanksgiving. We all have lost friends and family since last Thanksgiving – Some have physically left this earth while others have experienced devastating medical issues. It’s a reminder that we should use every opportunity to appreciate those who matter to us. Whether that means a cup of coffee together, playing games or binging the latest shows, make time for one another.

From our SAHM Reviews family to yours, we wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings.

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