Munchkin: South Park Card Game Overview

Munchkin South Park - Hero

Munchkin is one of those games we don’t play as often as we used to. Early in our board game hobby we grabbed a copy of the original version at a local hobby store in Huntsville, Alabama. Later we began experimenting with licensed and guest artist versions to keep things fresh. We were even fortunate to find five new-to-us examples at a thrift store for under two dollars each!

Munchkin South Park - box and contents

However, we still utilize the game as an introduction to the hobby for people stuck in the Scrabble and Monopoly world. The licensed versions have been a fantastic way to convince people to try the game since they feature a recognizable property. The recently new Munchkin: South Park by The Op is a perfect example.

Munchkin South Park - two women playing the game

Munchkin: South Park is played in the same manner as the original. Instead of a Viking-helmed explorer, you are the “new kid” in South Park. You will be fighting recognizable characters from the TV series. In the same manner you will equip yourself with “armor” and “weapons” in a South Park theme. Use these to stake out turf while leveling yourself up to level ten.

Munchkin South Park - Drawing a Door Card

If you’ve played Munchkin, you know the rules are purposely loose and unenforced. You can trade cards with other players, change classes, sell items for levels, play curses, and even bring an ally along to battle! The spirit of the game is you can do it if other players don’t call you out on it. It’s not cheating if you don’t get caught!

Munchkin South Park - typical hand of cards

While you’re not fighting the main characters (Stan, Cartman, etc.), all the expected foes are present. You’ll be asked to take on Ike Broflovski, Shelley Marsh, Jimbo and Ned, and Mr. Garrison. Even a bunch of sixth graders! Your allies are who you would expect – Bebe Stevens, Eric Cartman, Butters, Kenny and more.

Munchkin South Park - Showing how you level up

Every single card in Munchkin: South Park drips with details from the show. Whether it is the subject or the flavor text, this alone adds another attractive feature to the original game. We’ve certainly found it is easier to get people to try something new when it is themed in an IP they know and love.

Munchkin South Park - Example of a treasure card

We also discovered that Munchkin isn’t the only product The Op has skinned in a South Park theme. Since we expect Munchkin: South Park to get a bit of play, we’ll be springing for the South Park themed card sleeves. And as you might expect, they also have puzzles, dice and classic Monopoly set in this popular animated world.

Munchkin South Park - sleeving cards with themed card sleeves

You can grab your copy of Munchkin: South Park at your favorite local game store, direct from The Op, or on Amazon with Prime shipping. Be sure to follow The Op on Facebook and Twitter to see what other properties are getting the Munchkin treatment. You might just find something your non-gaming friends are into!

Do you prefer games with familiar pop culture themes?

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