Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Bad Christmas by Steve Jackson Games

If you’ve ever participated in one of those White Elephant gift exchanges then you know it can be a mixed bag of crazy gifts. A lot of people do their best to make theirs the weirdest. Bad Christmas card game from Steve Jackson Games is basically that and earned a spot in our guide to family games!

And you know what? It’s compact and makes a perfect stocking stuffer! Know what else? We’re giving away a copy right here. Nothing BAD about that! Enter using the form then take a minute to thank the sponsor for helping brighten the holidays.

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – Bad Christmas Game

19 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Bad Christmas by Steve Jackson Games

  1. I remember photoshopping my uncle’s face onto the body of a heavy-set, unclothed man laying on a chaise lounge. He was positioned in a way that the photo was rated PG, so not bad. I had the photo blown up and put in a large ugly frame. I just wish I had it printed on velvet which would have taken it up another notch.

    As presents were passed around, my uncle ended up taking the largest gift – the photo. He was the last to open the gift and the entire room broke out in laughter when they saw “my uncle” sprawled out in his birthday suit on a chaise lounge. I will never forget the look on his face when he opened it. Priceless!

  2. Our youth group had a party for the leaders every year. The prized items that always had to come back the next year were 1.) A giant rubber rat, leftover from Halloween years before (and starting to disintegrate by the time he was retired, presented to the youth pastor when he moved on) and 2.) A bust of Jesus wearing a Sombrero.

  3. When I was in grade school I received a yellowed, used pill container for my secret Santa gift. To make things worse, it said “to Sacra.” I cried and my nun teacher said that Sacra sounded very holy.

  4. A used butt master from Good Will!! It came out around the same time and was the same brand as the thigh master.

  5. The worst white elephant gift I’ve ever received was a HUGE TV remote control…I mean-this thing was made for totally non-seeing people. It was about 12” long and 5” wide. I donated it to an area thrift store.

  6. Multiple year old fruitcake (it had become tradition for the same fruitcake to continuously show up to every year’s company party).

  7. I got a ball of duct tape at a Christmas in July party at camp. It was a white elephant exchange with camp counselors so I didn’t expect much, but at least they could have given me the usable roll instead of balling it up! 😀

  8. This past Christmas, my white elephant gift was a collection of freebies and free samples I’d collected over the previous 2 months. It included deck samples, candy, glow in the dark condoms, perfumes, rubber bracelets, a sharps container, and sooo much more. It also included $50 of merch from Margaritaville from a contest I won. Best and worst present ever all in one!

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