Holiday Giveaways 2022 – In the Palm of Your Hand by La Boite de Jeu / Hachette Boardgames

There’s never a shortage of types of party games! In the Palm of Your Hand is extremely unique as players place props into a teammate’s palm in hopes they’ll figure out a specific message. No trivia involved in this party game! If you’re looking for a gift idea for a coworker, a Secret Santa, friend or family member, check this one out.

Thank you to Hachette Boardgames for providing a copy for this giveaway. If you want a chance to win it, use the form below and enter! Don’t forget that you can come back daily to this – and all of our giveaways – to get additional entries!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – In the Palm of Your Hand Game

19 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – In the Palm of Your Hand by La Boite de Jeu / Hachette Boardgames

  1. My grandpa grabbeda bike out of a dumpster for me at like 8 years old and fixed it up so cool with a banana seat and a bell!

  2. My grandpa and I went to an arcade and got kicked out because he shook one of the machines to help me get more tickets to get the prize I wanted, haha 🙂

  3. When my Dad as in the army and my Mom was at work Grandma took me to work with here so I had 2 different kindergartens, one in the morning with her and one in the afternoon at my real school.

  4. Holidays with my Grandpa Bob always included a game of Dominoes. At the end, he would always win of course. I never minded losing.

  5. My “Granny” was so special to me. Growing up, I spent every Friday night at her house. On Saturday, we walked around downtown and did some shopping. Afterwards, we always had a nice lunch….good stuff, I miss her so much.

  6. My grandma taught me how to play word games like Boggle and Scrabble when I was very very young. I just entered my first official Scrabble tournament in 2022, and I hope that I made her proud!

  7. My favorite memory of my grandfather was going to his bowling club. He had been a member for decades and there was pictures and plaques of his everywhere

  8. My grandparents moved in with me after my mom’s passing and my grandpa would always very spontaneously get up and say “let’s go get ice cream!!!” As a ten year old this was music to my ears. I just loved that about him.

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