Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Raccoon Tycoon by University Games

When we wrote about introducing toddlers to modern board games, it was to familiarize them with different types of game mechanics. We included Raccoon Tycoon in our Family Games gift guide because players learn about the stock market in a fun way. Learning new things is always easier when it’s entertaining.

University Games is the sponsor for this giveaway and has provided a copy of Raccoon Tycoon for one of our readers. You don’t need to understand the stock market to enter the giveaway. You just need to select entry options from the form below and do them!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – Raccoon Tycoon Game

38 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – Raccoon Tycoon by University Games

  1. We have very smart racoons around here as they can open the trash lids using one paw, but never close it. Just a few weeks ago, a racoon was in our recycle barrel but there was hardly anything in it so the racoon had no way to reach the top to get out. It was scratching and sure trying- that’s how I knew it was in there. I opened the lid, it growled at me and I said, ” Don’t growl at me, I’m not the one stuck in a trash barrel!” I proceeded to tip the barrel and he got out and trotted away. More like ran !

  2. our family loves the trash pandas! we have a family of racoons that visits us frequently andwe love them so much!

  3. We always grew up with a bunch living around us, my mom still sends me videos of the racoons on the deck stealing the bird seed!

  4. When I used to work at a restaurant there was a gang of masked bandits that would scare the crap out of me when I lifted the lid to the dumpster.

  5. We had chickens a few years ago and raccoons would always try to get into the coop. They’d also get into our trash can. We quickly came to dislike them!

  6. I haven’t had much experience, except for one who loved to get into my SIL’s trash can! I do like the old Beatles song Rocky Raccoon!

  7. So, I was standing by my car in the driveway when I felt something touch my foot. I looked under my car and saw a racoon hanging out there.

    I immediately ran inside and grabbed a box of cereal so I could befriend him

  8. Some nights when I would walk home from college, the raccoons would be walking in little gangs of 3-4 right on the sidewalk! It would scare the heck out of me because I was afraid that they might come after me.

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  12. We live in a rural area and the raccoons come around a lot and eat my cats’ food! It’s hard to get angry at something so cute! I have my husband run them off!

  13. When I was in college I worked at a miniature golf course. And on completely random nights while shutting shop, racoon(s) would jump out of the big dumpster, scaring the unholy mess out of me.

  14. Big fat ones, sitting on our stairs hissing & menacing us if we want to walk up our own stairs! They also clomp across our roof sometimes.

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