Thrift Treasure: The Muppet Show Game

In the middle part of last century, there was a trend for television shows to be made into board games. Whether cartoons, westerns, sitcoms or general entertainment, no show was immune. The vast majority are variations of roll-and-move and don’t hold up to today’s game standards. But they do remind us older players of days gone by. That’s why I couldn’t pass on this copy of The Muppet Show Game at thrift for only $3.88.

The Muppet Show Game - A photo of the entire game setup and ready to play.

It is still in particularly good condition and nearly all parts are present. Only a couple plastic stands to hold the cardboard characters are missing. They should be easily replaced or substituted. Overall, this copy was played only a few times as the parts that would typically wear are hardly worn.

Like most others in this genre, The Muppet Show Game is a variation of the roll-and-move mechanic where you are trying to get both of your characters and your set across the board and into their marked place. Each player chooses a color to play, which will include two Muppet characters beginning in their respective dressing rooms. They also have an assigned set staged to be moved into place.

The Muppet Show Game - Clapboard spinners.

On a player’s turn, they will take the cardboard clapboard and spin the two spinners. These will yield a scene and act number, which another player will look up in the included script book. Each result tells the active player how and what they may move that turn. They may move their or their opponent’s Muppets or set, sometimes up to four spaces. All moves are orthogonally unless specified. Pieces cannot move through other pieces on the board but may change direction as needed.

The Muppet Show Game - Woman's finger pointing at a scene in the script.

Once a Muppet is moved into its final space by exact count, it cannot be moved by anyone for the rest of the game. However, a set, even if in its final resting space, may be moved by anyone. If both of your Muppets are locked in place and your spin result asks you to move them, you will move your set piece one space instead. The first player to get all three of their pieces into their final spots wins The Muppet Show Game!

The Muppet Show Game - A Woman's hand moving a character piece (Animal).

There are several examples of The Muppet Show Game on eBay for a wide range of prices and completeness. Because the game is collectible to both board game collectors and fans of The Muppet Show, it does drive the price a little higher. We were lucky to have found it affordable at thrift – maybe you will too!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thrift treasure find of The Muppet Show Game. I really enjoyed reading your overview of the game and would love to be able to play it someday, especially given what a big fan I was of The Muppet Show!

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