Holiday Giveaways 2022 – The Lunch Room Game by EAP Toy and Games

Things have been getting kind of messy around here. Maybe it’s because we’ve decided it’s okay to play with our food. In a game, not real life! The Lunch Room Game from EAP Toy and Games was recently featured in our guide to family games. Today we’re tossing it around for one of our readers! There are several ways to enter, so pick one – or many – and throw your name in the hat!

Holiday Giveaway 2022 – The Lunch Room Game

18 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2022 – The Lunch Room Game by EAP Toy and Games

  1. I was in the cafeteria of my high school many years ago when we had a foreign exchange student from Australia. One day, not really thinking that, like Americans, Australians spoke English, I said to my friend that she spoke great English for an Australian. I continued to ask if she could teach me how to say something in Australian. Without skipping a beat, she said “Wagga Wagga Bendigo”. She said this was how to say “you’re cute” in Australian. It wasn’t until weeks later after I told a few girls the new phrase I learned that she came clean. As it turned out, Wagga Wagga and Bendigo are just names of cities in Australia near where she lived and did not mean “you’re cute”. So, it was the equivalent of my saying “Chicago Boston” to someone thinking I was being really slick. I bet I really impressed a few girls with that move!

    My friend and I still keep in touch and talk about that event to this day. We will never forget and will always have a laugh about it.

  2. We played a game called Assassin in college where you had a name tag for someone on campus and the only rule was don’t disrupt classes. I snuck through the other entrance behind my target and tagged him before he knew I was there….

  3. My favorite lunch memory when I would pretend to be a cook and my friends and I loved making finger-licking food at our lunch table.

  4. Every Wednesday was hot roll day and the school hot rolls were the best. And Friday was always pizza day and always looked forward to both days for lunch.

  5. Honestly it’s not eating in the lunch room and walking to 7-11 for a pretzel with cheese in high school lol. 711 doesn’t even have those anymore and they were so good!

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