Holiday Giveaways 2021 – The Strawberry Band by Story Pirates

We introduced our daughters to a lot of different genres of music as they were growing up. Classical, pop, kids, quirky, oldies, jazz, rap (the clean versions), soundtracks, whatever. Of all our experiences, Story Pirates may be the first that uses children’s ideas as inspiration for an entire album. The Strawberry Band album was featured in this morning’s gift guide with gift ideas for younger kids and this is an opportunity for you to enter to win the album!

You know what else makes this album unique? It includes guest Broadway talent like Lilli Cooper, (Tony nominee for “Tootsie”), Eddie Cooper (“Little Shop of Horrors”), Alysha Deslorieux (“Hamilton”), and Stephanie Hsu (“Be More Chill,” “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”). Check out the playlist for The Strawberry Band album and let us know which story you can relate to most!

Holiday Giveaway 2021 – The Strawberry Band Album

9 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2021 – The Strawberry Band by Story Pirates

  1. Since I am one of four children but I am the only son, I most relate to Weird Sisters. My sisters were pretty weird.

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