Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Cartographers Game by Thunderworks Games


Roll / Flip and Write games have come a long way since the Yahtzee of our youth. We continue to highlight all kinds of “and write” games here with individual game overviews as well as inclusion in our holiday gift guides. One example is Cartographers from Thunderworks Games. We included this title in our guide to party games and hope you were able to purchase a copy in advance of the holidays if you felt it was a good fit for your game night. Regardless if you already own a copy or not, if you or someone you know might enjoy it, enter the giveaway! We’re in the final days of launching giveaways so we encourage you to return to the site to up your chances of winning great games like this by taking advantage of daily entry options! 

Holiday Giveaway 2020 – Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale Game

39 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaways 2020 – Cartographers Game by Thunderworks Games

  1. Yahtzee! It might possibly be the only “and write” game I’ve ever played, but I do truly enjoy it. 🙂

  2. The entry form is not working. I’ve been to both of the YouTube channels three times and am not being properly credited. It even took two different times for the system to acknowledge the basic entry. So frustrating! What we do for a new game. Sigh.

  3. Thank you so much for doing this! Board Games bring people together “Unless its Monopoly” jk lol, for me My favorite game has to be 5 Minute Dungeon, I love the CoOp play in it and how it gets you moving. The set up is simple, the rules are easy, and its just an all out blast to play.

  4. I haven’t played any “and write” games yet. Cartographers is the one I’ve heard the most positive things about. The only games I’ve played with a write component would be Gloomhaven

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